21 Day Fix

This program is perfect for the person who is looking for a challenge. Whether you started with the 21 Day Fix or you’ve already got a base of fitness, this program will take your fitness to the next level. The workouts are structured the same way as the 21 Day Fix: 30-minutes per day with each day having a different focus, just a bit more…”extreme.” This means the movements are more complex and in some cases plyometric (jumping). Just as with 21 Day Fix there is a modifier if jumping isn’t for your body. The meal plan in this program dials in the simple container based system used in 21 Day Fix and makes it more focused on specific results. I personally found this modified container system a bit restrictive for my liking – BUT – if you wanted to focus leading up to a big event, it certainly has it’s merits (and will get you feeling fabulous!).  All you need for this program is a band and a couple sets of dumbbells (available at most retailers).


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