The Anytime Anywhere Workout!

I get it! Working out can feel a little daunting at times. You know you would feel better if you did it, but somehow it just doesn’t happen. Your schedule is hectic. Getting to the gym is too complicated; fitness class schedules don’t work for you. You’re away camping most weekends. I so understand –and I hear these challenges every day. This workout is designed to bust those! You can do it anywhere with NO equipment (aka you could actually do this in a hotel room or campsite!).

Program Details:

For optimal conditioning I recommend that you complete this workout 2-3x per week. Keep the following in mind:

  • note: this workout was designed for a generally healthy individual with no health complications or injuries. If you have concerns about whether this workout is appropriate for you, please speak to me. Before you commence any exercise program it is recommended that you speak with your doctor for clearance
  • Something is better than nothing. If you only have time for 1 round, one round is great!
  • Make sure you warm up your body before you start. Simple movement patterns like marching, ogging on the spot or jumping jacks is great for 3-5 minutes. You could also complete this after a brisk walk. It’s important to warm up to prepare your body for the movement. Warm up helps lubricate your joints, bring more blood flow to the muscles and increases your heart rate and breathing rate gradually so you’re ready to go!
  • There are exercises that are strength focused as well as “cardio intervals” designed to increase your heart rate and get you moving more. The concept is to be efficient with your limited time & get your heart pumping & body moving in functional ways!
  • Start the circuit by completing each movement for 30 seconds. Build up to 1 minute per exercise.
  • Flow through the circuit completely, and then if you have time for a second or third set repeat from the top!
  • Always complete your workout with a total body stretch. You can find a video to walk you through that here

Workout Tips:

  • Please wear proper footwear – yes you can do it anytime & anywhere, but make sure your feet are supported!
  • Cardio moves are meant to increase your heart & breathing rate. Your intensity should be a 6-7/10 (10=all out)
  • Strength moves are about slow, controlled movement. Complete movements slowly (count 3 up and down). Don’t let momentum do the work (that’s your muscles’ job!)
  • Breathe throughout the movement. Do not hold your breath. If you can try to exhale as you push (exhale on exertion)
  • Watch your form. If you are unsure about a movement email me or watch the video! Proper form is fundamental to strength development and injury prevention
  • If something hurts, stop doing it and ask for a modification or have someone look at your form


If you’re not sure if this program is for you, or you’re looking for something more, please contact me!