Dynamic FIIT+ Flow

Dynamic FIIT + Flow is a fun athletically inspired workout for body, mind and spirit! This class is a blend of all the things I love: yoga, agility and coordination drills, strength and athletically inspired functional HIIT. Class kicks off with a yoga inspired warm up to prepare the body and mind. We transition to dynamic balance and agility drills to build the foundation of core strength and stability before we kick things up with Strength and Cardio HIIT super-sets to help you improve functional muscular strength, endurance and power. Finally the class wraps up with a yoga inspired core and cool down with the intention of developing dynamic core strength and flexibility. You will leave this class feeling stronger mentally and physically than you were when you arrived. Equipment: This class will use resistance bands (with handles) and body weight for strength elements. Please bring your own band and a yoga mat to class. You can purchase this style of band at most retailers. For your safety please check your band before you arrive to ensure it does not have any nicks or tears. 

This class is on Summer Hiatus!

See you in September! I hope you enjoy getting outside and having fun! If you just can’t wait…hey, join the Super You Studio I’ve got video based Yoga and Fitness classes (including Dynamic FIIT + Flow, Dynamic Strength Circuit, Super You Circuit, Total Body Strength, Fit Flow Yoga, Yoga for a Happy Body and so much more)! Plus there’s masterclasses, video based coaching, an interactive Facebook Group where I’m LIVE every day – all designed to support and help you develop a practice of a healthy lifestyle that really works for you! Learn more here.

Here’s what past participants of LIVE Fitness Classes had to say:

So much FUN!! The moves were different and kept me working for the whole class.

– Helen 

Gill is super positive and gives you the encouragement to keep going just when you think you can’t do it anymore.

– Sarah

I was initially very intimidated to actually register for this class, but I am so glad I did. It was so much fun, and an amazing workout.


Super awesome sweaty class that never gets boring. Modifications are shown so anyone can do this, no matter what your fitness level is. All you have to do is give it your all and with the help of Gillian’s awesome attitude and energy the time will fly by and you will feel the burn all over!

– Erin

Totally fun and challenging class but with clear modifications almost anyone can do it. Gillian (instructor) so positive and always around after or via email for questions. Her demos of moves are very clear as she sweats along with group. The energy of being part of groups helps motivate. Got stronger and fitter!

– Megan

What a sweaty, fun class! Great cross-training option. Gillian is as unintimidating, warm and inspiring as they come–her enthusiasm is contagious, and she always makes time to answer questions about form and technique. The improvement in my strength and stamina from the first class in the series to the last class surprised me. I hadn’t expected such good results with only one HIIT class a week!

– Deanna

Great program to help me reach my goals. Gillian goes above and beyond making this not “just” a fitness class. It comes with a great coach who checks in with you and an accountability group!

– Kathy


If you have any questions about whether this class is for you please email me at gillian@superyou.ca

About Gillian:

Gillian is a passionate fitness leader with nearly 20 years of Group Fitness Instruction experience. She leads her classes with high energy, contagious enthusiasm & expertise. As a skilled instructor she is capable of both providing excellent cues to help you execute the movements with accurate form and fine tune with individual corrections without making you feel singled out. With her support you will feel confident, comfortable & unstoppable. You can learn more about Gillian here.