21 Day Fix

This 21 Day program is a total game changer. The meal plan in this program makes healthy eating simple and the daily 30-minute workouts are different every single day (aka – you won’t get bored!). The videos are fun and show modifiers for those wishing to keep it lower impact or just starting out on their fitness journey (thank goodness for Kat!). The meal plan is simple – no counting calories! The program comes with a set of containers that help you really understand the portion sizes you should be sticking to. The program lasts 21-days but I have an ongoing group for my participants in this program so you can complete multiple rounds and continue your journey with my support! You are welcome in the group for as long as you’d like! I personally lost 7lbs and 7 inches using this program – and have maintained those results! All you need for this program is a band OR a couple sets of dumbbells (available at most retailers).

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