PiYo is the brainchild of Chalene Johnson. She’s the mastermind behind TurboFire and TurboKick. She developed the program because she was looking for something that was low impact that would help her develop her strength & flexibility. She found Yoga too slow and was looking for something more than a Pilates class had to offer. Ta-da! As a runner I think this program is fabulous! I completed it when it first came out and I loved that the workouts were low impact and still gave me an incredible workout. I was drenched in sweat without jumping, running or pounding my joints! This workout is for the person who wants to develop long lean muscles and strength without impact. Workouts range in length from 25-45minutes depending on the day. The entire program is 60-days and is 6-days per week. Best part – the only equipment you need is a Yoga mat! That’s IT!

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