• You know what you “should” do – but you keep getting stuck actually doing it.
  • You would like to get started but don’t quite know what to tackle first – you feel overwhelmed by information!
  • You have a history of stopping & starting, being “on and off the wagon” and are feeling tired of the hamster wheel.

You are not alone!

I hear this from clients all the time, and it’s exactly why I created one-to-one coaching.

As your coach I’m here to help you shine a light on what is blocking you from making progress & help you break through those barriers. I’ll also help you cut through the noise and help you create a plan that works for you! Together we customize your very own healthy lifestyle plan (that actually works for your real life – RIGHT NOW) and then I hold you accountable to reaching your goals in a kind & supportive way.

This package includes:

  • An electronic copy of the Creating Super You Handbook to guide your inquiry & planning
  • An initial 60-minute phone or video coaching session (can be held in person if local) where we will flush out your vision & create tangible and manageable weekly goals for your month.
  • Monthly 30-minute coaching calls to fine tune, course correct & refocus.
  • Regular follow up for accountability and support. This element of the program is customized to your own unique needs:
    • Option 1: weekly email check ins ($120 per month*)
    • Option 2: bi-weekly 15 minute calls ($130 per month*)
    • Option 3: weekly 15 minute calls ($175 per month*)

If this sounds like something that could help you achieve your goals please contact me to book your complimentary 10-minute consultation!

*minimum 3-month commitment required. Fee paid up front. Monthly payment plans available.


Curious about how this works?

Hear about one clients experience here.

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