Your approach to fitness should be as unique as you are.

That is the foundation of my health and fitness philosophy. Which is why I offer a variety of different options and encourage clients to find what truly works for them! Through my coaching, in person classes + clinics and online platform and community I aim to support each individual client to truly find their fit Рand enjoy doing it! 

Looking for something local? Check out these in person options in Nanaimo!

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Looking for one-to-one support?

I offer private coaching and training as well. You can learn more here.

Want a one-to-one support and an amazing virtual community and online platform of tools, resources and more?

Join us in the Super You Studio. As a member of the StudioCrew you get access to me as your coach, an amazing online community of women and my entire platform of content including:

  • follow along fitness and yoga videos
  • masterclasses on topics ranging from fitness, nutrition and sleep to building habits and self-compassion
  • self-paced coaching videos to help you define your vision of healthy and fit!
  • resources on walking for health, running, sleep hygiene and more!
  • tools for health tracking, mindful eating, and more.

You can learn more here.