Have you? Like it felt hard, you were running through mud and you wanted to QUIT the WHOLE TIME?

Yeah – welcome to running. It happens but here’s a quote from one of my fellow coaches that I just ADORE:

A shitty run doesn’t make a shitty runner. – Amanda Fillion

BRILLIANT. And true. I always tell my runners – you have to have a BAD run now and then to really know when you’re having a GREAT one. You can’t be a rockstar all the time you know!

So next time you have a shitty run, chalk it up to “one of those shitty runs” – DON’T make it mean anything – and look forward to your next GREAT run.

If you’re having a lot of shitty runs – then it’s time to look at something. It might be over training or nutrition/ hydration issues. It could also be your iron levels (especially women). If you’re consistently struggling reach out to me and let’s chat through what your next steps should be – rest, tweaking your nutrition or a trip to the Doc!  Email me at gillian@superyou.ca