Get Fit @ Home

I’ve personally been using Video Based Fitness since 2011. As a mom, working out at home was a convenient way to get a great workout without worrying about childcare or the extra time it takes to leave the house. It’s also cost effective (no more expensive gym memberships for me)!

As a Personal Trainer I started using these programs with my clients in 2013 after I witnessed my husband have huge personal success with them. Many trainers ask me WHY I would use someone else’s programs with my clients, when I could easily develop something myself.


Why I use Beachbody On Demand (BOD) with Clients:

  • Quality. Using a video based system gives my clients real-time visual and verbal cues. They simply plug in and follow along. This improves form and by making it easy (just press play) I find people stick with it better than following a sheet of paper I could give them.
  • Professional. These videos are professionally developed and high quality. And they’re based on the latest and greatest in exercise science. If they weren’t I wouldn’t back them.
  • FUN! They use great music and the instructors are excellent at what they do.
  • No Guesswork! The workouts come packaged as a system of workouts with a detailed schedule. The programs consider proper progression to prevent plateaus and help you get the results you want!
  • Variety! You can also use the individual workouts (from Yoga to HIIT and Hip Hop) individually so you can develop your own unique blend of workouts that suits your style, interests and priorities! From someone just getting started in fitness all the way to athletes looking to improve performance.
  • Accessibility! You can stream the videos from your mobile device, tablet or straight to your TV! You can also download workouts to use without wifi! Which means they’re convenient for travel too!
  • Functional! Many of the workouts don’t require any equipment. So if you don’t have a home gym set up, no problem! Just you and the workout is all you need!
  • Versatile! They also pair beautifully with running, walking and other sports. If you’re looking to utilize the programs to compliment other sports and activities I can tell you how to hybrid a program or multiple programs to help you get the cross training you need!
  • Thorough! Each program also offers an approach to nutrition that is grounded in nutrition science and grounded in reality (ie. is actually functional for a busy person!). Many of my clients have had tremendous success using the Portion Fix container system. This brilliant system really helps you view portion control in realistic terms! The nutrition guides are all completely optional but are another great resource!
  • And more! There are also cooking videos, recipes, and meditations available on the system (all included)!

Most importantly? BOD is functional with your real life!

But here’s the most important difference.

These programs aren’t just another thing you’ll buy that will collect dust! As your Independent Team Beachbody Coach I am here to support YOU. Through our private Facebook Group (the Super You BOD Squad) you have my ongoing support to help you ROCK the program you choose. I don’t just sell it to you and say see ya. I care about you and want to help you succeed. So I’m with you the entire way! No catches! But you don’t just have my support…you have the support of the entire BOD Squad (and let me tell you, they’ve got your back!).


What if your virtual community lifted you up?

What if your news feed inspired you? What if the people in your virtual community made you believe that you were capable of anything? What if they inspired you & supported you to be your very best self? Do you think that would be a game changer?

I know it is. That’s exactly why Getting Fit @ Home is a seriously viable option for so many people (even those who think they won’t stick with it solo – seriously!).


Here’s the other BIG difference between the BOD Squad and other online fitness communities:

Most virtual group based programs have everybody in the community following a specific program. And that’s great…for a majority of the people. But not for everybody. I often hear people say they feel like a round peg in a square hole in most fitness programs. And that breaks my heart! Because you deserve a round hole that matches you beautifully!

We’re all at different stages in our journey and we all have our own unique interests, abilities and goals! Your program should honour that. BOD allows everybody to honour their own unique journey and follow their interests and likes! Every person in the community may be following a different fitness program – but what grounds the community is the same purpose: to live our very best life & feel our best doing it!


The other BIG difference?

There is no start or end date to this community. When you join us you have a lifetime membership (say what?!)! Yup. As long as you keep working away at your healthy lifestyle and doing your best with the tools – you’re one in the BOD Squad and we’re going to continue to virtual high five you with all the likes, loves & haha emoji’s you can take!

Your Nutrition, Your Way.

Nutrition is such an important element to our health and wellbeing. I believe there is no one right way to eat – just the one that works for you and your life. Which is why I also love the Beachbody nutrition philosophy. Within BOD you can access Nutrition Guides with each program as well as Recipes and Cooking Videos to help you master the kitchen! Beachbody also offers high quality Nutrition Products including Shakeology (one of my go-to breakfasts) and the Performance Line (including pre-workout, hydration and recovery formulas).

I view supplements as exactly that – supplements. These aren’t meant to take the place of good nutrition – but to supplement your nutrition and help you feel your best! If you’re curious to learn more contact me. I’d love to give you more information.

Want to see it in action?

Watch this short video for a tour of this amazing system. See how easy it is to use and the variety of programming available!


Not sure whether you could (really) stick with?

Ask me about the 2-week FREE trial (no obligation to buy)! Try the platform, my privately coached group and see if you like it! Contact me today set it up!

Want to learn more about some of the 800+ workouts on BOD?

Click on some of the program logos below to learn more about some of the class types and programs available through Beachbody On Demand. Read my review & watch a clip!

Want more info?

Contact me and we can set up a complimentary consultation so I can learn more about you and your fitness goals and help you determine if this approach is a best fit for you and your life!