A good high intensity workout feels great – but is high intensity where you should be spending ALL your workouts to be the most efficient with your time?

Short answer? NO!

If you always work at 8-9/10 and never change up the intensity of your workouts your more than likely going to end up injured or burnt out/ over-trained. And neither of those options are good for your progress! So – if you feel like some workouts just aren’t as “hard” as others – that’s great! It means you’re working different energy systems (each has their benefit) and you’re keeping your body & brain interested. So, how does this play out?

For those who cross train this could look like 2 HIIT cardio workouts per week (hello sweat) paired with 2-3 strength based workouts (still sweaty – but the cardiovascular system gets a bit of a break) and then 1-2 core/ stretch based workouts. Each workout provides value to the body but doesn’t overload it negatively.

This is especially important as we age! Our body needs rest & recovery to get stronger – and this is even MORE important as we age. So train smart & age well!

Runners – you can be a bit notorious for this so I’m also going to speak DIRECTLY to you. This means you’re not just going out and running 8-10k 3x per week (if nothing else this is BORING!)

  • Workout 1: focus on speed or hills. This workout is all about intensity & focus.
  • Workout 2: nice steady mid-distance run
  • Workout 3: long slow distance – at a nice, comfortable conversational pace.
  • MORE? If you’re running more than 3/week the others should be shorter & lighter (remember…variety!). Better yet – just do these three foundation runs and add more workouts with strength or other forms of cross training (cycling, spinning, swimming, etc.)

Bottom line? You’re not a machine. Your body needs variety, interest & recovery to perform its best. Be kind to it and it will be kind back!