If you HATE going to the gym, STOP going. If you don’t like, for goodness sakes, don’t run! There are SO many options when it comes to fitness – so keep exploring until you find something you ENJOY. Because if you enjoy it – you’ll be much more inclined to do it, and do it consistently. And when it comes to fitness, it’s not the one hour long grinding workout you begrudgingly do once per week, it’s the 3 consistent 30-minute walks you went on that ADD up.

Not sure what you love? Why not SKIP the month long Push Up or Squat challenge and try a different exercise form each week for a month? Keep trying new things until you find something you LOVE.

It also sometimes helps to dial it down to the types of things you love. Look back on your relationship with fitness (yes, you have one!) – was there a time when workouts were enjoyable? If so, what were you doing? Were you doing it with friends? Were you working out at home? Running? Swimming? Look at what you were doing and think about what made it FUN & ENJOYABLE. Then use that info as your launching pad!

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • swimming – join a masters swim club or take adult lessons
  • running – join a learn to run program or do my learn to run 5k program with a friend
  • fitness classes – find one you love – dance based, bootcamp style, yoga, pilates or kickboxing, just find one with a great instructor who inspires you at a location that is convenient and realistic
  • sports teams – join an adult league for soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, rugby, hockey, etc.
  • hiking – if you love the great outdoors look for a hiking club in your area
  • home based programs – check out one of the programs I offer using DVD’s at home
  • dancing – hip hop, interpretive, ballet, hip hop

Whatever you do, just re-claim your LOVE of movement. Think about how you LOVED to move as a kid. See how you can find that feeling again!