Happy Clients

I love what I do. Helping people transform their life by creating a healthy lifestyle they love – is truly a gift. Testimonials like these are just icing on the cake!

Matt: My wife Peggy suggested I join her for Gillian’s run clinic and I have been so impressed with her leadership, energy, and passion for running and fitness. With her coaching team and fellow runners I crushed goal after goal in a fun and friendly setting. I’m looking forward to my next clinic with the Super You Run Crew!

Peggy: I’m extremely grateful to have found Gillian and The Super You Run Crew a few years ago. Gillian is an excellent running coach, not only is she knowledgeable, but she will support you in any goal you might have and will help you achieve it. I really admire her philosophy on health and fitness and she has built an amazing community of runners. Kate and Danielle are also fantastic and supportive coaches!

Peggy & Matt

I had been motivated by Gill’s posts on Facebook and Instagram for months before I reached out to her. She reached back in a big way. At first, not about the 21 Day Fix, but just about ways I could come out of the dark place I was in and into the light. Soon after, The 21 Day Fix did come up, and I decided to go all in. The first 21 days were life changing for me. I learned how to fuel my body with foods that I love, thus gaining a healthy relationship with food. I took 30 minutes for myself every day and it wasn’t long before the inches started coming off. Now, 4 months later I am the strongest, fastest, most confident, and happiest I have ever been. I did something I didn’t think I could do and it changed me.


I was driving today and realized that I feel so much better since starting this challenge that I’m going to do a second round. I’m going to keep drinking Shakeology – I’m sold that this program is a permanent lifestyle change for me! I just think it simplifies everything and so you really can’t have an excuse to not eat well during the day if you packed your lunch. That was always my downfall. I’d grab a scone and coffee because I wasn’t prepared.


Gillian’s weekly chats helped me immensely! She was always positive and encouraging. If I was having an off day, or even week, she knew exactly what to say to lift my spirits and get me back on track. If I doubted myself, Gillian would ask me questions to get me thinking and hold myself accountable for my actions. Gillian helped me create attainable and sustainable goals, which I have kept to date. I have always admired Gillian’s views on living a healthy lifestyle and look forward to continuing on my journey towards a healthy, happy life. Thank you Gillian!


I first met Gillian when Frontrunners had referred me to one of her summer running clinics almost 3 years ago. I had trained for four half marathons on my own and was looking to challenge myself by running a full marathon in October 2017. Gillian has a lot of great knowledge, she’s realistic, her energy is amazing, and a love her dedication and spunky attitude. I have completed three marathons since training with Gillian and I couldn’t be happier with my performance. Gillian also let me see that rest is a very valuable part of training and our everyday fitness. (Who would’ve thought??) I love the community that Gillian has built with Super You and so thankful to be a part of it!


I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times. When I can’t do something perfectly, I’ll abandon it. In the past, when it’s come to fitness and nutrition, I’ve ended up throwing in the towel when I’ve come across a setback like injury or illness. But life happens! If everyone quit at the first speed bump they come across, nobody would ever get anything done! The Super You Community has helped me through the times where I’ve been unable to work out, by helping me see what I *am* able to do. It’s helped me overcome perfectionism and allowed me to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and supports me in so many different ways. It’s been a wonderful community to contribute to and learn from, and I love being a part of it!


I have known Gill for over a decade. Gill was a personal fitness coach for me for several years and during that time, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for her personal values and her ability to motivate people.  When she invited me on Facebook to join her challenge group I was all in.  With our homes now spread much farther than in the past, it made it impossible to see each other face to face. The Beachbody program was ideal to reinstate my motivation to get back into better shape. At 51 and pseudo retired, it takes a bit more than it used to however with Gill’s support and daily guidance on the web, it helped keep my eye on my goals.  I find that the FB group is a great way to keep myself active daily and gain some great tips on how to stay healthy. Gill ensured all the information was relatable and easy to follow.  When I hit a bit of a roadblock, and there have been a few, Gill was instrumental in me regaining my stamina and getting back to the program. I’m currently on my 3rd round of challenge with her and still find the information fresh and motivating.  Gill is definitely living her calling as a coach.


Growing up I was never very confident and have very vivid memories of not being coordinated or able to do what others could; physically and many other ways. This led to shutting down and feeling not good enough. I stayed away from exercise for many years. I started running as an adult to combat stress during school, be a healthy role model for my kids and ward off illnesses before they happened. After running a couple half-marathons with my own programs, I felt I needed to train in a better, balanced way. I so gratefully happened upon the Super You Community. This wonderful, mutually supportive community both pushes and pampers you when you need it without judgment. They share their stories and listen to yours. It is the place I have been looking for to get me towards my health and well-being goals. I have become a much stronger and well rounded runner thanks to them.


I’ve never had a good relationship with my body. Ever. When I was in the fourth grade I would do my mom’s “Walk Away the Pounds” workouts, hoping that I would “get skinny” so people would like me. When I was in high school, I thought my weight was the reason why boys didn’t like me. I blame my depression on the negative relationship I have with my body, because every negative thought I have about myself is linked to the way that I look. When I chose to pursue a healthy lifestyle, it wasn’t to get skinny. It wasn’t to get a boyfriend. It wasn’t to be popular or “pretty.” I needed to be healthy, I needed to workout, because I wanted to be proud of my body. When I started working out and getting healthy, I was so amazed at what my body was capable of. And even more so, I was amazed at how good I looked in a tight black dress (I mean, we all want that…right?). I was getting stronger, happier, and more confident. And people noticed! Now I have an amazing support group. Super You, and specifically, Gillian have inspired me to be the best “me” that I can be. After a summer of Instagram stalking…yes stalking…Gillian, I decided to reach out to her for fitness advice and I’ve never looked back. She’s motivating, exciting, practices what she preaches, and most importantly, she’s REAL. She doesn’t tell you that eating a piece of chocolate will ruin your entire diet. “It happens. You’re human.” And she’s so right. The accountability that Gillian gives you makes you feel like you can do anything. Because that’s the bottom line. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, and Super You will help you get there.


Gill is amazing. She leads by example and is super supportive. I have been benefiting from her coaching and support for several months now and really appreciate the weekly accountability check ins. As with anything, you are more likely to succeed if you get a kick in the bum or have a coach in your corner cheering you on – this is exactly what Gill provides. It has helped me keep on track through the week knowing I had a call coming up – put another way, knowing I would have to be honest to Gill about eating like crap prevented me from putting the junk in my body in the first place.