NO. No you don’t. Are you confused?! If you’ve been following my¬† facebook page or YouTube Channel for a while you’ve likely heard me suggest people “ditch” the diet & toss their scales. And while those are foundations of my philosophy, they’re not RULES. Because in case you were wondering…rules really aren’t my style either. #rulebreaker

Recently I had a few people tell me that they really like the scale. They didn’t want to ditch it. They weren’t attached & they felt like it was a useful tool. #cool #insightful

Here’s the thing: there is nothing inherently EVIL about a scale (or using it to weigh yourself). The problem is the MEANING you make from the number it shows. It is your RELATIONSHIP with the number and it’s ability to define your day that is wreaking havoc on our self-esteem, body image & our ability to truly LOVE our bodies. And for many, many people this relationship is contentious. It’s actually really abusive. It fuels negative body image & poor self-esteem. And it doesn’t promote the one thing it’s meant to – good health. In fact, it often has the exact opposite effect. For more on this read this post.

HOWEVER; if you have NO ill-regard for the number. If you truly see it as a simple metric. One that allows you to gain basic feedback. And you understand the limitations weight has (such as the impact normal body water fluctuations have on weight, among others) – then I say FILL YOUR BOOTS.

Because this my friends is the TRUE bottom line: your journey, your health, and your choices are YOURS to make. What works for YOU will be as unique as you are. And NOBODY has the right to make decisions for you when it comes to your health. Honour what works for you.