MOMS! DADS! Summer is here and the kids are out of school which means….routines & schedules tend to head out the window (at least they seem to for many of us). Kids all cheer. Parents all feel OVERWHELMED. And generally what I see in myself (and my clients) when they’re overwhelmed and stressed, is their food & fitness plans kinda go out the window (uh oh). You know what I’m talking about…the “ah well, it’s summer, I’ll ‘start fresh’ in September.” STOP! Don’t do it! You can have an AWESOME summer with your family AND keep your health & wellness goals in MOTION!

Before we dig into the dirt here I want you to take a minute (or a few) and be visionary. YES. Visionary. Before you stop reading because I’m using “woo-woo” language, bear with me a moment. Do you ever have the experience that summer starts…and then it’s OVER?! And you’re like, “uh, what the heck happened?! Where did summer go?!” – yeah – THAT – like EVERY year. You had all these great visions for your summer (you likely did it without thinking)…but then you got busy and life just…happened!

This year I invite you to try another way! Here are my tips to help you get through the summer and keep your vision for your summer – INCLUDING your health & wellness in tact!

  1. Set goals – SMART ones – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding & Timely. Don’t be all loosey-goosey and say you’re “going to be more active” or “I’m going to eat better” – that’s way to much wiggle room. Instead drill down and be specific! “this summer I’m going to walk every morning for 20 min before the kids wake up” OR “I’m going to eat my 5-10 fruits & veggies EVERY day. Those goals are specific (you know exactly WHAT you’ll be doing), they’re measurable (you know if you did it or didn’t), they’re attainable (before the kids get up is often a great time for parents), they’re rewarding (hello nature & veggies?!) & timely (you’re doing this every morning/ every day).
  2. Make a plan. Translate your goals into an action plan that is bulletproof (or kid proof). Schedule it – all of it. From your fitness to your meal planning & prepping. If you make appointments with others you keep them. Resolve to do the SAME for all appointments with YOURSELF for your health! Here are some tips about Meal Planning and Prepping to make it happen.
  3. Let that S*IT go! Yes! I’m talking about the GUILT. The PRESSURE. The INSANE drive to do it all PERFECTLY. Give it UP! No guilt. No bad feelings. No crazy-making. I invite you to embrace hiccups. Embrace the spontaneity of summer. Just don’t throw caution to the wind. BBQ’s happen. So do days that the beach, camping trips & drinks on the patio. Embrace imperfection. Do your best & forget the rest!

Have an AWESOME summer!

Need help creating an AWESOME plan for your summer? Or just need some accountability? Contact me and ask about accountability coaching!