As we embark on a long weekend there are bound to be a few indulgences. This often makes my clients a little nervous…”will I fall off the wagon?”…”What if I lose my momentum?!” … “Am I going to lose all the gains I’ve made?!”
If you’re feeling this way, know you’re not alone. I can find myself getting sucked into the vortex too…and had some ruminations on it I thought I’d share.
I think at times – especially strong ‘do it all’ SUPERwomen (or men) – think we need to do it ALL exactly as “written” – sticking exactly to the “plan” (whatever that is). And somehow if we’re not…we’re FAILING (and generally feeling crappy about it). And I kinda think that’s B*llshit. Because it’s all coming from a place where exercise is punitive & nutrition is utilitarian. Except it ISN’T!
Our bodies were designed to MOVE. Food is about so much MORE than just nutrition. There’s this one end of our society that makes food all about science – the macros & the math. Then there’s the gastronomists among us for whom food is art. It’s pleasure and joy.
So this long weekend I invite you to do what works for you. For me it will mean letting loose the reigns a bit on nutrition (there will be a hot dog…maybe even 2, and also a few drinks – I know #gasp). For me, that’s living. But I will also eat veggies and plan to do a long run from the campsite. That’s also living. There will also be hours a the beach, lots of laughs & board games by lantern. And it feels good & right for me. I will ENJOY myself – I will take pleasure in it, I will experience it with JOY! I will eat for enJOYment because I will nourish my body & soul. I will move for enJOYment because moving makes me feel amazing!
Perfection isn’t the name of this game. YOU are. You are creating your own CUSTOM & personalized healthy lifestyle…one that brings you JOY! There’s no perfect plan and nothing to “fail” at.
Repeat after me: I AM NOT FAILING.
I am LIVING. I am doing what works for ME. And what works for ME is what is going to define MY healthy lifestyle. Because this isn’t a diet, a short term fad or quick fix. This is my LIFESTYLE – and it’s going to last the REST OF MY LIFE! So this weekend I will lean in, do my best & create a healthy lifestyle that leaves room for LIVING with no judgement or evaluation! I will ENJOY!
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