Have you ever reached a goal or ALMOST reached a goal and then just seem to lose your motivation?

You’re not alone!

I see this a lot with my 12-week Learn to Run program. My participants achieve their goal of running 5k or 10k – perhaps even complete their race, and then stop running entirely. They just lose their passion for it!

I see the same with weight loss. Clients work hard creating a healthy lifestyle they love – and develop healthy habits. And they see great results as a byproduct. But once they achieve a healthy weight, all of the sudden it gets HARD. They lose their steam and the healthy habits they’d created slip away.

Why is that?! I have a theory.

When you’re first creating a new habit, while it’s difficult there is a lot of really great positive feedback. When you’re learning a new skill like running, each week there is advancement. Or when you’re losing weight, each week you see changes – and others see changes in you. You receive positive feedback from people in your life. You feel better. You feel proud of your accomplishment.

But what happens when the comments wane and the progressions slow? It’s not as intrinsically rewarding. That’s when we need to find a NEW way of being motivated. A NEW way to stay inspired.

For me it’s about really connecting to my WHY (what’s in it for me) and setting clear GOALS
(where am I going). If you drill down in those two key areas I often see motivation regain its spark!

If you’re struggling I invite you to try this on. Look at your WHY and define some goals you feel SUPER inspired about.

Need some help? I love this stuff – email me and let’s connect for some coaching! gillian@superyou.ca