This drive our society has for “perfection” needs to end. Chiseled abs. Thigh gap. Perky…well, you get the idea. We are bombarded by media pressure to look and be a certain way. But when you step away from that and look around you realize, there is no such thing as “perfection.” Even those people with the chiseled abs and perky…they’re still struggling with something they don’t see as “perfect.” Because “perfect” is an ever moving target. It changes on the whims of fashion & trend.

So I have a DARE for you. Be a trend-setter and LOVE your body. EMBRACE your body as PERFECT exactly as it IS (like, right NOW!).

Because when we tie our sense of satisfaction to achieving “perfection” we are forever left feeling unsatisfied. For YEARS I struggled with this. And I still do some days (#reallife). But here’s the thing. When you let go of what society says “perfection” is – and embrace yourself as you ARE wholeheartedly – with all your perfectly imperfect perfections – your life just kind of opens up. You eat to nourish instead of look a certain way. You don’t punish yourself when you eat foods that aren’t “healthy.” You don’t exercise to punish yourself for poor eating choices. You MOVE because sweating makes you feel FAB and you want the energy to chase after your kids or grandkids or run that 10k you’ve always dreamed about! You recognize you already are your very own, very beset version of YOU – perfectly actually.

You – YOU are AWESOME. Perfectly YOU. #besuperyou