Join us for LIVESTREAM classes!

Want some support, community and accountability? Want a “LIVE-ish” experience?

Join the Super You LIVESTREAM Community!  The LIVE class is filmed Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am. But you can sweat on your schedule with the replay!

Class schedule will be as follows:

Mondays: Dynamic Strength Circuit (30-min) + Foam Roll (20-min)
Wednesdays:  Dynamic FIIT + Flow (50-min)
Fridays: HIIT (25-min) + Yin Yoga (30-min)

Can I come for part of class?

Sure! If you can’t stay for the Foam Rolling or Yin Yoga on Mondays/ Fridays feel free to join us for Dynamic Strength or HIIT only! This is about what serves and supports you. Just promise you’ll stretch solo!

What if I can’t attend “LIVE?”

No problem! If you choose to sign up and can’t make it LIVE, you’ll receive a link to access a recording of the LIVESTREAM via email that will be available for 48h. You can also check out my pre-recorded fitness + yoga classes on the Super You Studio. 


Drop in: $5 (first class is free!)

Monthly Membership: $30 for unlimited classes

Important: if you can’t afford $5 per class or $30 monthly please chat with me. If you want to be part of these classes but have been hit financially by this pandemic, please don’t let money be a barrier! I’m happy to find a payment option that works for you!

How to Sign up for class and connect to the LIVESTREAM:

Click the button below and select the class(es) you wish to attend at no later than 6:30am on the morning of class.

Please make sure you take BOTH steps: 

1. Pay for the membership or drop in class

2. Sign up for ALL classes you wish to attend. The system will NOT automatically sign you up for the classes – this is an important step!

The link to attend the LIVESTREAM (via Zoom) will be emailed to you 15-minutes prior to class by 6:45am. Please make sure your email is accurate in the Mind Body Platform (registration software) and check your email at 6:45am!

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