Official Bio:

Health and Fitness Coach Gillian Goerzen wants you to ditch your diet and quit doing workouts you dread. With a degree in Kinesiology and over 20 years of health coaching experience, Gillian’s personalized lifestyle strategies have helped hundreds of clients redefine what fitness means to them, and get lasting results they never dreamed possible – free from diets, programs, systems, pills and products. From hating her body at the age of 5, it took more than 20 years, an eating disorder, an Ironman, and becoming a mom to finally uncover the kinder, more compassionate approach to health and fitness that she teaches today.

Gillian lives on Vancouver Island with her husband Mike and two children Connor and Chase. She teaches running clinics, fitness and yoga locally in her hometown of Nanaimo, BC and coaches clients from all over North America through her business Super You.


Credentials & Accolades:

BSc (kinesiology)

Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Yoga Fitness Leader

BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders (Fitness Theory, Group Exercise & Weight Training)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)

TRX Certified, Suspension & Group

Pre & Post Natal Certified

BCRPA Fitness Leader of the Year, 2016

About My Philosophy:

My Story

I didn’t always like to move my body. In fact I was the chubby kid in the corner who didn’t like PE. I struggled with my weight throughout my childhood, teens and into my 20’s. In the summer I was 19 something shifted. I fell in love with running. That year at my summer job I met a bunch of real people who ran for the love of running and the pursuit of personal goals (not to win the race, be the best or anything else). It was an “aha” moment for me.

I began running and before long I was hooked. Next thing I knew I was doing a triathlon, then a 1/2 marathon and before I knew it I was completing Ironman Canada (an ultra-distance triathlon). I surprised many people in my life – but most of all I surprised myself. I never knew what I was capable of until I stepped out of the box and went for it. It was transformative. Once I had experienced the transformative power of getting active I had to follow my heart and my passion and help others find their love for movement.

I knew I needed the knowledge and skills to back my passion. At the time I was enrolled in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University with the hopes of moving into a Masters in Physiotherapy at UBC. I continued with my degree in Kinesiology but with new found focus and inspiration. I completed my degree in Kinesiology and obtained my registration with BC Parks & Recreation Association as a Group Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer.  I’ve since acquired my Trainer of Fitness Leader status which enables me to help train other up and coming fitness leaders in BC.

For the past 20 years I’ve been fortunate to work in the fitness industry. I’ve been blessed to help others find their love of movement & developing programs for people of all ages and abilities. I’ve helped hundreds of people learn to run, improve their fitness, lose weight and most importantly feel fit & confident.

My personal journey to health & fitness continues to be a winding road. I’ve gained and lost over 50+ pounds with each beautiful baby I brought into this world. I’ve re-learned to run more than a few times, pushed my personal perceived limits with running and sweat a tonne. And while I haven’t loved every minute of it (let’s be honest, it’s hard work!) I have found a way to enjoy doing it. Whether it’s the accomplishment of completing my first 1/2 marathon post babies or reclaiming my “body after baby” I’ve found a way to feel fit & confident (again).


It would be my honour to support you on your journey to being fit & confident.

To learn more about me and my journey to fit & confident I invite you to watch this video.


I am proud to be a Body Image Movement Ambassador.

What does that mean? I’m an advocate, a cheer leader & a champion of body positivity. I believes in health at every size and that our bodies are more than just an ornament. I believes that your body is a vehicle to your dreams. Find out more: Body Image Movement.