Someone asked me recently about my opinion on some other shakes on the market. I need to preface this post by stating that I am not a nutritionist nor am I an expert on other shakes on the market; BUT I am food nerd & I’m incredibly picky about what goes IN my body. So here are some things I invite you to consider before you shake and my personal approach to using them as part of my nutrition plan.
Ask WHY before you buy. Why do you feel the need to include a shake in your nutrition plan? What is your objective? For me it’s about getting a good quality protein as well as greens, probiotics & more in a convenient form. If you’re doing it because “that’s what healthy people do” but you don’t LIKE shakes? Skip it!
Be a detective. What’s in the ingredients list? Can you read it (like ALL of it). If you don’t know what an ingredient is – research it. Why is it in there? There are some cray cray ingredients in foods these days. And while they may be passed by the powers that be so they can be on the shelf, if you do a bit of research and you don’t like what you find, keep looking. Ask whoever the rep for the company is what each ingredient is about. If they don’t know what it is or aren’t willing to find out – keep looking. Your body is a not a dumping ground!
Don’t use them as a cop out. My philosophy is that I work to get the majority of my food from whole foods. Shakes aren’t an excuse to eat junk the rest of the day because you got your “nutrition” in already.
You get what you pay for. If it’s in the bargain bucket at Walmart there’s likely a reason. Make sure you’ve looked at the ingredients. But also find out how the product is made. What are the standards? What is the quality? I’d personally rather use cheap whole food proteins (like eggs) than poor quality protein powder.
Compare apples with apples. If you’re looking at a product that includes things beyond just protein – don’t compare it with the cost/ taste of pure protein. That’s not a fair comparison for your body or your budget.
I use Shakeology and have for 3 years. For me it is a product that stands up to the list above and checks out for me. I use it daily as my breakfast or my snack and it’s always loaded up with fruit, nut butters, coconut oil, greens and more. If you’re curious about Shakeology I’d be happy to tell you more. Just send me a message and we can connect. You’re also welcome to check out more info here.