As a Personal Trainer the biggest mistake I see people making is in their portions! And it’s SO easy to do. Skewed by restaurant portions and growing plate sizes our perception of appropriate portions is way off! I too was making these simple mistakes. I was making pretty good food choices most of the time, but my portions were too large. I personally found the Portion Fix system very eye opening and have continued to use this structure for my eating since I started it 3 years ago.

I’ve also seen my clients get amazing results with this system. And because the Portion Fix container system teaches you how to eat balanced portions of real foods you love (including wiggle room for treats!) the results are long lasting – no more quick fixes or yo-yo diets!


How it works:

container imageThe Portion Fix is an amazingly simple container based system. Each of the food groups has a different colored container. Based on your metabolic needs the system tells you how many of each of the containers you eat every day. Then it’s up to YOU to fill them with foods you love. The flexibility of this system is incredible!

If you’re using this program you also gain access to my private accountability group on Facebook – where everyone is following the Portion Fix plan. We share recipes, tips and ideas to keep it interesting & fun! I also have exclusive tools & tips I share with my clients to help them get the very most out of the system!


Sounds great right?!

If this sounds like something you could benefit from let’s chat! There are a few different ways you can start using the system and I can help you determine which way is best for you!