One-to-One Coaching

Sometimes you just need one-to-one coaching to breakthrough a particular road block or get unstuck around a specific topic. Clarity Coaching is designed for exactly that. I’ll work with you to identify the path through the challenges and help you feel confident and empowered to take action!

One-to-One Coaching might be for you if:
  • You know what you “should” do – but you keep getting stuck actually doing it.
  • You would like to get started but don’t quite know what to tackle first – you feel overwhelmed by information!
  • You have a history of stopping & starting, being “on and off the wagon” and are feeling tired of the hamster wheel.
If this sounds familiar…I need you to hear this: you are not alone!

I hear this from clients all the time, and it’s exactly why I created one-to-one coaching.

As your coach I’m here to help you shine a light on what is blocking you from making progress & help you break through those barriers. I’ll also help you cut through the noise and help you create a plan that works for you! Together we customize your very own healthy lifestyle plan (that actually works for your real life – RIGHT NOW) and then I hold you accountable to reaching your goals in a kind and supportive way.

How does it work?

You are unique – so how we work together is up to you! Some of my clients like to connect by phone each week, others want to connect monthly by phone then have weekly email check ins to help them course correct and have accountability. Instead of having custom packages that may (or may not) work for you, I approach each client uniquely and build a coaching package that truly serves and supports you!

What’s the investment?

All of my clients start with a 1-hour Clarity Coaching Call. During this call I will guide you through a process of inquiry to help you identify the best path (and strategies) for you. From here we may have monthly calls, weekly calls, weekly emails or a combination thereof. You might also find that after our hour together, you have the clarity you need to go forward on your own. It’s totally up to you!

Fee schedule:

Initial Clarity Coaching Call (60-minutes): $135+GST

Follow Up Clarity Coaching Call (30-minutes): $65+GST^

Follow Up Email (weekly): $85+GST per month^

^only available as part of a package

Note: Super You Studio Members receive a 30% discount on all coaching fees.

If this approach sounds like something that could help you bring your vision of health and fitness to life, please book a complimentary 10-minute connection call to learn more!

Have a simple question or need a quick “brain pick?”

I’d love to answer your questions! If you have some specific questions about fitness, running, program planning, basic nutrition, intuitive eating or building habits a short 20-minute call might be exactly what you need!

The intention of these calls is to answer questions. These calls are not short coaching sessions – but an opportunity to ask specific questions and get answers/ directed to the information you need! As such the cost of these calls is lower.

20-minute Consultation Call: $20+GST

To book, please use the link below to select an appointment time that suits you.
Please note: full payment is required in advance of your call. You can e-transfer $21 to gillian@superyou.ca