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Hi! I’m Gillian, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you ready to feel inspired to move and embrace a body positive approach to health + fitness? Fantastic, I’m about to be your biggest cheerleader!

Before we do anything, I have a really important message I want you to hear: you are unique (and awesome)!  Yup, you are one in 7.5 billion to be specific. There is no one on this planet exactly like you (how cool is that?). Which is why I’m so passionate about helping you discover your own unique healthy lifestyle and bring it to your (real) life!

As your coach, I have your back and will be with you every step of the way. Together we will figure out the body positive tools, structure and support you need to design and create the healthy life you want.

Whether you work with me one-to-one, join me in a  Livestream ClassRunCrew Club, or the Super You Studio 

You can do this. I’m here to help.

Super You was created to help people like you be healthy, fit & confident. Are you ready? 

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Did you know I wrote a book? For a limited time I’m offering a FREE download of Chapter 1 of my book The Elephant in the Gym: Your Body Positive Guide to Writing Your Own Health and Fitness Story. In Chapter 1 you’ll discover the real reason you struggle to be consistent with your health and fitness (hint: it’s not you!). Learn the approach I share with clients that has helped hundreds of clients transform their health and their life!

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How bowls encourage Intuitive Eating

How bowls encourage Intuitive Eating

What if your kids never even knew what a “diet” was? How would that change their lives? The philosophy of Intuitive Eating can help them. Learn more about Intuitive Eating and a simple meal-time strategy you can use to promote intuitive eating for yourself and your kids!

Body Peace is a Practice

Body Peace is a Practice

What happened when my kid commented “you were skinnier” on an old photo. It likely isn’t what you expected. Why I’m celebrating my growth from gulp to grace (and how you can too).

Good Health Advice From our Dear Dr. Bonnie

Good Health Advice From our Dear Dr. Bonnie

How the simple sign off from our rockstar BC Provincial Health Officer may just be the best advice out there for getting through this pandemic (and life) healthy, happy and well. In case you missed it, the Provincial Health Officer in BC is a total rockstar. Not only...

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