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You can create a healthy lifestyle that inspires you. As your coach, I have your back and will be with you every step of the way. I will give you the tools, structure & support you need to help you design & create the healthy life you want. You can do this. Super You was created to help people like you be fit & confident.




You can run. Super You running clinics are designed to help people of all ages and abilities find their love of running. Whether you’re just starting out and want to run 5k or 10k or you want to get stronger & faster there is a clinic for you. Running is all about challenging yourself realize you are stronger than you thought.




End your battle with food! Food is not the enemy and your body is not a battleground! I want to help you be inspired by a healthy balanced diet. One that still leaves room for chocolate & wine! I have a simple nutrition system that will change how you look at food. Find peace with food and learn to love the way your body feels when you nourish it with healthy, whole foods.




Fall in love with fitness! Fitness should add to your life not become one more chore on the list. I help busy people just like you connect to the right fitness program – one that will work with your busy life, help achieve your goals and bring you JOY! Being fit and healthy can be so much fun – let’s get started!



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For a limited time I’m offering a FREE download of Chapter 1 of my book The Elephant in the Gym: Your Body Positive Guide to Writing Your Own Health and Fitness Story. In Chapter 1 you’ll discover the real reason you struggle to be consistent with your health and fitness (hint: it’s not you!). Learn the approach I share with clients that has helped hundreds of clients transform their health and their life!

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Vietnamese Inspired Quinoa Salad with Caramelized Tofu

Vietnamese Inspired Quinoa Salad with Caramelized Tofu

I love Bun Chay (Vietnamese Noodle Salad). It’s so delish. In an effort to shake things up I decided to use the flavours to inspire a quinoa salad and I MAY have the dish of summer 2018 in my hands. I served it up with caramelized tofu, but it would be equally delish with some steak slices, chicken or fish!

What almost dying taught me about living.

What almost dying taught me about living.

On August 27th I came as close to dying as I ever have and it gave me a new perspective that I couldn't possibly be more grateful for. I haven't publicly shared the entire story or my reflections yet, but I feel like it's time. That Tuesday morning was just like most,...

It’s not Magic it’s Momentum

It’s not Magic it’s Momentum

Creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle isn't magic. It's momentum.   But creating MOMENTUM can be tough. Especially as you're just getting started.   When you're starting ANY new habit you're moving from a state of stillness and there is an energetic hurdle around...

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