Explore & heal your relationship with food & fitness during this powerful course.

So often when we decide we’re ready to make changes we leap to the tools we need to be successful. And while these tools may be fabulous – they just don’t seem to work.

Why is that?

Being successful with your healthy lifestyle starts with identifying a clear sense of self. But in today’s world this is an exceedingly difficult process. Your sense of self is clouded by your past experiences and the meaning you’ve given them.  We all view our world through a lens that is colored by media, fads & culture – that is often unrealistic and unattainable.

It’s no wonder you feel so defeated.

We invite you to change your relationship with food & fitness. We invite you to Shift the Process.

Join Registered Clinical Counsellor Kathy Kutzer and Fitness Coach Gillian Goerzen for this small group program. During our group inquiry process you will gain clarity around your true sense of self unclouded by your past experiences & uncolored by media, fads & culture. Connect to your own ideal self and what living a healthy lifestyle truly means to you. Create a profound shift in how you view yourself, your health & your life.


Program Details:

We offered this program in the Spring of 2017 as a 6-week sessional program. In response to request and based on the feedback for the experience people had in this program we were moved to create a 3-day retreat version. Participating in this unique 3-day retreat will enable you to take a reprieve from your routines & habits. Come take a deeper look at the challenges you face, the ways of being that are holding you back and have a unique opportunity to reshape the lens through which you relate to food & fitness.

Fall Retreat details:

Date: Friday November 3 (check in any time after 3pm, program begins at 6pm) – Sunday November 5th at 3pm

Location: Bethleham Retreat Centre in Nanaimo, BC

Price: Early Bird (until October 8) $759. Full price (after Oct 8) $809.

What this program includes:

  • Shift the Process Program & materials
  • Daily morning yoga practice
  • 2 nights accommodation (dorm style with shared bathroom)
  • Healthy and delicious on site meals & snacks (includes Friday dinner through to Sunday lunch)

Note: Itemized receipts will be provided by Kathy Kutzer, RCC, RSW. Extended benefits & income tax credits may apply.

Who this program is for:

  • You have done many programs on the market – but none of them seem to “stick”
  • You are tired of dieting & hating exercise, or…
  • You love exercise but can’t seem to “master” the nutrition piece
  • You struggle with your body image
  • You want to create a healthy lifestyle you enjoy
  • You want to feel calm and relaxed about food & fitness
  • You want to feel happy and confident in your body
  • You’re ready to be curious and make lasting change

To Register:

Step 1: Complete this registration form

Step 2: Make payment. E-transfer to kathy@kathykutzercounselling.ca is preferred. PayPal is also available.


Still not sure if this program is for you?

Reach out to Gillian or Kathy. We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you.

About Kathy & Gillian

Gillian and Kathy met through their mutual love of fitness and quickly bonded over their dedication to helping women powerfully connect to their sense of self. Gillian’s strong background as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach pairs beautifully with Kathy’s dedication to inquiry and process to create a powerful and cohesive team to inspire change. To learn more about Kathy please visit her website. Click here for more about Gillian’s background and experience.