You are unique. So is your health and fitness. Why isn’t your “Program?”

This past January, thirty amazing women of all ages, abilities and interests came together with one common goal: to create a healthy lifestyle they love. One that is completely free from frustration, guilt and “should’s,” and rich in choice, inspiration and empowerment! It was my absolute pleasure to support them as they re-defined health and fitness on their terms.

The experience was truly remarkable, and left us all feeling like we wanted more! So I asked each woman – what would they like moving forward? The feedback I received was incredible, and very clear.

More connection. More support. More customization.

Introducing the SuperCrew Tribe – Spring Evolution!

Your health and fitness are always evolving – because you are always evolving. This Tribe evolves with you. Through a unique combination of group and individual coaching you’ll have the support you need to customize your personalized plan from a coach with nearly 20 years of experience and the camaraderie and support that comes from a beautiful community of like-minded women!

This Tribe is like no other. Because it embraces your differences and celebrates them!

The foundation of this Tribe remains the same. No shame. No guilt. No drama. No comparisons. This is about you finding your way to rock your healthy lifestyle and smash whatever awesome goals you have up your sleeve.

What’s changed? More one-to-one support and more opportunities to connect LIVE.

Here’s what The Tribe includes:

  • NEW! 1 hr Kick Off Workshop (virtual): In this pre-recorded workshop you’ll learn about the foundation of the SuperCrew Tribe – the philosophy that guides us and the info you need to wade through the sometimes murky waters of health and fitness and start to find your way. You’ll receive this video 1 week prior to our May 6th kick off and you’ll watch when it works for you!
  • 2 hr Kick Off Workshop & Social (in person): This is a time to connect with your Tribe and make your plan! Utilizing my NEW 6-step process you’ll dial in the details and develop a plan you feel rock solid about.
  • NEW! Three 15-minute coaching calls (phone): Once per month we’ll connect one-on-one to fine tune and make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful!
  • NEW! Two 2-hr Monthly Meet Ups (in person): Meet up monthly with your Tribe to connect, have a FUN sweat sesh together, and revamp your plan. Explore what went awesome and what might need a re-vamp so you can keep on evolving!
  • NEW! Bi-weekly LIVE video hangouts: In these LIVE hangouts on Facebook I’ll answer your questions and we’ll chat about “hot topics” to help you keep your momentum going!
  • Access to the SuperCrew Tribe Private Facebook Community: This is where our community will come to life day to day. Share your sweaty selfies, inspired meals, troubleshoot the tough stuff and give your Tribe some serious virtual love with all the likes, loves and wow’s!
  • NEW! Exclusive SuperCrew Prizes! Throughout our 3-months together each woman will be recognized for her unique contributions to the group with some super sweet swag! A variety of prizes to suit a variety of awesome women!
  • NEW! 2 hr Wrap Up & Social Event (in person): Let’s celebrate your successes! As a Tribe we’ll come up with a fun active event we can do together to celebrate our 3-months as a Tribe and talk about what’s next. Because your evolution doesn’t end after 12-weeks together – it’s ongoing!


Mark your Calendars! May 6 – July 29

LIVE Events: Sunday May 6, June 10, July 8, July 29 (7-9pm)

 Sounds amazing! What does it cost?

Your 3-month membership in the SuperCrew Tribe including everything on the list above is just $275 +GST*

*Payment plans available upon request. 

Registration for SuperCrew TRIBE Spring 2018 Evolution is now CLOSED.

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Why I developed this program.

After nearly 20 years working with people in one and one and group formats I’ve become clear that creating a healthy lifestyle and rocking your fitness goals seems like it should be simple, but it’s just not. Because there is something missing. Here are the top 3 things I’ve noticed are missing and how the SuperCrew Tribe is a solution that bridges that gap.

There are no shortage of “Programs.”

Free, low cost, high cost – there are so many to choose from. Heck, I even have a few solutions to offer. But what is so often “missing” for people is the support to take those Programs and find a way to make them work for each individual person’s real life. I can help you do that.

People often know what they “should” do, but have a hard time with following through.

I have more than a few theories about why that is, and that is the meat of what I help people with. I help people break down barriers, see what is holding them back and help them take their vision and goals and put it into action in a sustainable way that they truly enjoy!

Community is so often the glue that holds it all together.

Having a crew of like-minded people who will support you through the ups and downs and keep things real – that is what makes it all possible. The support of a coach can be game-changing. But the support of a community and a coach? Life-changing.

Are you ready to create lasting change and feel inspired, empowered and supported

to create a lifestyle you love and rock your fitness goals?

Want more support?

Tribe +

Sometimes we just need that little added nudge. Weekly check in’s are one of the tools I use with my private coaching clients. They provide an opportunity for accountability, but also give us a chance to course correct week by week instead of monthly! If you’re looking for some added support this is the option for you!


*Payment plans available upon request

Registration for Spring 2018 Evolution is now CLOSED.

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Not sure if The Tribe is for you? Check out these FAQ’s:

Q: Do I have to participate in Super You Fitness Programs and Running Clinics to be a member of the Tribe?

A: Nope. Absolutely not. I appreciate and acknowledge that I don’t offer something for everyone. This is not about me “up-selling” you to one of my programs. Sure, if it’s a fit for what you’re looking for I would love to have you join us. But if it’s not I will direct you to other programs locally to Nanaimo or in your community (if you’re not in Nanaimo) that will help you get the “on the ground” support you’re looking for! I view myself as a bit of a fitness concierge to help you connect with services and programs that suit you!


Q: How is this different from the Super You SuperCrew Facebook Community?

A: Quite a bit. That’s a free facebook community for people involved in any of my programs. This is also different from all the other Facebook Communities I operate as part of other programs I run. This takes accountability and support to another level and there will be components of community connection and development woven in to help you really bond with the other participants (should you be interested – no pressure).


Q: Will you be providing us with a fitness and/or nutrition program to follow?

A: Yes…and No. That is what makes this different. I will absolutely provide you with tools and strategies to help you move more and eat well, but I won’t provide detailed meal plans or a specific fitness program. I am going to help you figure out what works for you in terms of your fitness and nutrition. Tools aren’t the issue when it comes to creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle – tools are dime a dozen. I want to help you figure out what makes you tick and what will really make your habits stick – long term!


Q: What if I’ve already got a pretty healthy lifestyle…but I have some serious goals I want to smash in 2018?

A: SWEET! I love smashing goals – and even more, I love helping others smash goals. This Tribe is all about lifting YOU up to do whatever sets your heart on fire! Not sure if the Tribe is the right place to help you reach your goals? I’d be happy to chat about it.

Q: Do I have to be on Facebook?

A: To get the MOST out of this program, yes. But if you’re really not a Facebook kinda gal, I appreciate that and would love to look at how you could be involved and have the support without being on Facebook. Send me an email and lets discuss!


Have more questions?

I love questions! I’m happy to set up a phone call or answer your questions by email. I want to make sure this program is the right fit for you. Email me your questions or to set up a time for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Registration in this breakthrough program is now CLOSED.

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