The Embrace Retreat is Back!

We’re back for the 2020 season with a NEW venue and a NEW photography experience – no NEW you required!

In the summer of 2019 we had two sell-out Embrace Retreat Day’s and the feedback was phenomenal. Here’s what one women had to say:

I’ve rarely known such a caring and non-judgmental environment and that it included perfect strangers made it even more of an experience for me. The island location was beautiful as was the quaint space that we shared. I never felt pressure to say or do anything I did not feel comfortable with. Gillian guided the conversations through tough topics with though-provoking grace and ease. Brooke deserves an award for chasing away demons as well as capturing beautiful moments. It was an experience that I’ll ruminate on as I continue to grow. One of the most special things for me was that the physical attributes of each woman was so varied. Body consciousness is not limited by size and it meant a lot to me to participate with such an inclusive group. I recommend this retreat for anyone looking to feel included by others sharing similar life experiences. – Melissa

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s the details…

The Embrace Retreat Day is about coming together as a community of women to acknowledge the challenges we face to have a positive relationship with our bodies. To explore what holds us back so we can break free and develop a new perspective. Through conversations, meditations, exercises and a unique photography experience you’ll have an opportunity to shift the conversation to a place of peace and gratitude for all your body can do!

Your transformative day includes:
  • A full day of connection with fabulous women at our private Nanoose venue. 
  • Coach-led conversations, meditations and exercises to explore your relationship with your body
  • A unique perspective changing photography experience
  • Fully catered fresh wholesome snacks in the morning and afternoon and a delicious lunch
  • Digital copies of our group shot and 3-5 individual shots
  • One printed photo keepsake to take home that day!
2020 Embrace Retreat Details:

We are so excited about our 2020 Venue. A spacious private home on an acreage in Nanoose, BC*. Just a short drive from Nanaimo and Parksville! From our secluded hideaway we’ll have the opportunity to unwind, relax and really dig into this powerful conversation with ease, space and grace.

Our photography experience will be completely unlike our 2019 Embrace Retreat Day! But still absolutely perspective shifting. Brooke and I are so excited to make use of our completely private acreage venue and change things up for 2020. New year – new experience!

Join us on Saturday June 13th!

*venue location and details on what to bring will be provided to participants after registration.

Investment: $249+GST
I participated last year, would I gain value from coming again?

In short, YES! Not only will the conversations be completely unique (because they never are exactly the same, are they?), but you’ll have the opportunity to deepen and grow even further into this experience. It’s kind of like watching a movie you’ve seen before. Each time you see slightly different things, and deepen your understanding of the characters (in this case you!).

Plus with a completely unique photography experience this year (and a little more comfort since you’ve been in front of the camera before), you’ll have a new opportunity to shine!

Your Retreat Facilitators:

This one-day retreat is a collaboration between Super You (Gillian Goerzen) and Captured Essence Photography (Brooke Hewitt-Morgan). We are both passionate about changing the way women view their bodies and are so excited to share this day with you!


What more participants had to say:

What a powerful day. Something beautiful happens when women come together in love and support of each other. We were a group of strangers but Gillian and Brooke bonded us in such a beautiful way. To say the photography experience was amazing feels trite. It was inspiring, it was fun, it was empowering. Brooke has a way of making you feel so comfortable, and her gift behind the lens led to so many gorgeous photos. The conversation Gillian facilitated was powerful and real. We have work to do, as women, to re claim our place in the world. And Gillian and Brooke are making that work a little easier by building safe, open communities of women. Much love and respect to you both.


I went into this day with great trepidation, but I am SO GLAD I went. It was a really powerful day looking at preconceived notions about how I felt about my body and the way I show up in the world. It was a powerful day confronting some stories I’ve had and the way I have let them limit me, or censor me, hold me back from sharing myself authentically and without reservations. The photo experience captured me with such ease and being so fully in the moment that it was really profound. I am excited for the impact this experience will have on my life moving forward.


What a day that was spent at the Embrace Retreat. Women coming together to support and reflect. This world needs to hear this and change their mind on body positivity. The photo shoot was spectacular and was all about supporting each other and feeling great about ourselves.


If you are considering joining this retreat STOP and sign up!!!! It was very well thought out and the content was impressive and empowering. The food… Delish! Very worth the price paid. I was so very happy to be a part of the wonderful group of diverse women. The personality’s just worked. I felt safe and respected. I give huge compliments to Gillian and Brooke for this collaboration. Excellent!!!


What an incredible day, listening, learning and sharing. There is such power in a group! Gillian and Brooke were amazing at facilitating conversations with respect and kindness. I recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to get closer to body peace.


I found the embrace retreat to be a real eye opener and an AMAZING experience ! I felt safe and guided, was able to really express myself without any anxiety or fear. The process of listening to other women and their experiences and thoughts reminded me that I am not alone in how I feel, the fears I have and that I DO have the ability to change the story I tell myself and to help others do that as well. After a couple of weeks I am still feeling the love and gratitude that I felt that day and am feeling more comfortable in my own skin – it was and continues to be a strong life changing force. I soooo look forward to more retreats, more growth, more self love and more connection with strong badass women in all phases of their life and growth! The connection, realness and truth I felt filled my soul with a peace I have not felt in a long time – I saw a glimpse of “me” that has been missing!



We love them! Feel free to email either of us directly! You can contact Gillian here, or Brooke here.