Strengthen & stretch in yoga designed to help you feel fabulous!

My intention in my classes is to make yoga accessible for every body. Whether you’re just stepping on the mat for the first time or you’ve practiced for some time, my goal is to provide you with guidance and support to explore your edge and feel fabulous doing it.


Yoga for Athletes

Yes runners, this is for you. Or for other active people who know they should stretch more…but don’t (yup, that’s ALL of you). You’re tight in the hips, back and hamstrings. This 45-minute class will help you add length to your tight muscles and give you the range of motion you need to rock your active lifestyle!

When & Where: Monday’s from 7:45-8:30pm at Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre (6234 Spartan Road), Sept 10 – Dec 17 (no class on Oct 8)

Fee: $100 for 10x pass, $55 for 5x or Drop in $12 per class

Yin Yoga

This 60-minute class is perfect for the person looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. This Yin style practice will incorporate, some gentle flow (Yang) in order to prepare the body and mind to settle into Yin. The longer held postures of Yin offer the body and mind the opportunity to release tension and increase range of motion.

When & Where: Wednesday’s from 7:45-8:45pm at Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre (6234 Spartan Road), Sept 12 – Dec 19 (no class Oct 17 or 31)

Fee: $120 for 10x pass, $65 for 5x or Drop in $14 per class


I’d love to answer them! Please email me.

About Gillian:

Gillian is a passionate fitness leader with over 18 years of Group Fitness Instruction experience. She leads her classes with high energy, contagious enthusiasm & expertise. As a skilled instructor she is capable of both providing excellent cues to help you execute the movements with accurate form and fine tune with individual corrections without making you feel singled out. With her support you will feel confident, comfortable & unstoppable. You can learn more about Gillian here.

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