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Before we do anything, I have a really important message I want you to hear: you are unique (and awesome)!  Yup, you are one in 7.5 billion to be specific. There is no one on this planet exactly like you (how cool is that?). Which is why I’m so passionate about helping you discover your own unique healthy lifestyle and bring it to your (real) life!

As your coach, I have your back and will be with you every step of the way. Together we will figure out the body positive tools, structure and support you need to design and create the healthy life you want.

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The Practice of Mindful Eating

The Practice of Mindful Eating

Be honest. Have you ever sat down to watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn and before you know it your hand hits the bottom of the bowl? Yeah. Me too. Have you ever noticed how much you don’t notice eating? … It’s easy to get onto “autopilot” when you’re eating and multi-task away. The challenge with this? When you don’t notice what or how much you’re eating, it’s next to impossible to listen to your internal cues of fullness and satiety. Read: it’s super easy to over-eat! Or over-indulge on foods that while delicious may not be nutrient rich. This leads to an imbalanced plate and very possibly an unhealthy relationship with food. The solution? Mindful eating. But don’t worry – it’s not as “airy fairy” as it sounds! Read on for my 3 Step process for real life!

Get out of your head with this simple question.

Get out of your head with this simple question.

Have you ever been STUCK in your head. Thinking, ruminating and going in circles (of mostly just feeling crappy about yourself). I’ve got a simple question to help you kick yourself out of the rut of rumination.

Building Your Pandemic Resilient Health Zone (with the lens of self-compassion and kindness)

Building Your Pandemic Resilient Health Zone (with the lens of self-compassion and kindness)

Pretty much every day one of my clients reaches out because they’re on the “struggle bus.” They’re having a hard time with this (because #newsflash THIS IS HARD!). And they are worried. Not just about the world, the health and safety of friends and family, how they’re juggling #allthethings, but how they’re “regressing” into old (unhelpful) habits like emotional eating and watching Outlander on Netflix instead of getting out for a walk or doing one of the million free workouts available online right now. They know what they should do, but…

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