What Is Intuitive Eating Coaching?

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy and framework that can help you do it and as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor I’m here to help. 

What is Intuitive Eating?

At it’s core, it’s a philosophy that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger and satiety signals (aka pretty much the polar opposite of the traditional diet that dictates where, what and how much you “should” eat – insert shame here). That’s why you may have heard some people (including me!) call it the “anti-diet.”

When I say that you’ll be in the drivers seat again when it comes to what and how much to eat, the initial gut reaction from most long-term dieters is fear. “But if I don’t have a set of rules and portions to follow, how will I know how much to eat? I’m sure I’ll just overeat all the things! And then I’ll gain all the weight, and, and, and….Gahhhh!” I get it. Fear around the permission to eat any and all foods can feel a little scary. Which is why we approach this systematically and strategically over time! It’s not a light switch, but a practice (one that I will guide you through!).  

Ultimately (with time and practice), you’ll come to find that you are the best (and the only) person to make choices around your body!

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy based on 10 guiding principles developed by two world-renowned Dietitians, that will help you regain body trust, discover satisfaction and truly make peace with food (and fitness). Through a process of personal inquiry and curiousity you’ll embrace the 10 Principles, and as a result, experience more freedom around food and rediscover the pleasures of eating (and moving) once again!

Once again? Yes! Once again. You were born an intuitive eater! The practice of Intuitive Eating is about unravelling the influence of diet culture, weight bias and fat phobia (and all the rules and beliefs that go alongside) so you can naturally and peacefully live a healthy lifestyle by your design!   

Intuitive Eating Coaching is for you if:
  • You’re really ready to ditch the diets (for good). 
  • You’re willing to focus on your relationship with food and fitness first.
  • You are ready to explore emotional eating and develop a toolkit to support you. 
  • You want to reclaim your joy around food and fitness!
  • You’re ready to stop the restrict-binge cycle and find sustainable peace with food. 

How does it work?

Before we start we will complete a complimentary 15-minute discovery call where we’ll explore the ideas of Intuitive Eating and you can decide if this is something you wish to explore. From there, you’ll complete an intake questionnaire which will help direct me in our initial coaching session. In our first 60-minute call we’ll explore the “big picture” ideas and begin to get curious in one or two key areas. Each week you’ll leave the call with something practical to bring your focus to that week. Exactly what will depend on you! It might be developing self-care strategies, establishing healthy boundaries in your eating environments, increasing your body awareness of hunger and satiety, or exercises to help you make peace with food (just to name a few). Each week we’ll discuss how things went and determine next steps. We might make use of both the book and workbook as tools within the practice, but it won’t be a linear process. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Intuitive Eating. It’s a much more integrated approach and will be receptive and reactive to your unique needs!

What’s the investment?

All of my clients start with a 1-hour Coaching Call. During this call I will guide you through a process of inquiry to help you identify the best path (and strategies) for you. From here we will have weekly or bi-weekly calls. These calls can range in time from 15-minutes to 60-minutes depending on you and your needs!  

Fee schedule:

Initial Coaching Call (60-minutes): $135+GST

Weekly Calls (60-minutes): $110+GST^

Weekly Calls (30-minutes): $65+GST^

Weekly Calls (15-minutes): $35+GST^

^only available as part of a package

If this approach sounds like something that could help you, please book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to learn more!


Want to learn more about my personal experience with Intuitive Eating and why I became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor? Check out this blog.


Looking for a more self-guided approach? 

Check out these Blogs, Books and a Course to guide you!


Intuitive Eating Blogs: 

The Revolutionary Anti-Diet: Intuitive Eating (background and overview of IE)

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Intuitive Eating Books: 

I also highly recommend these resources from the creators of the Intuitive Eating Framework (and my mentors) – see details below!

Intuitive Eating Book

The Intuitive Eating Book (4th Edition) is your go to resource to explore the framework of Intuitive Eating. It includes the theory and research behind it. If you’re a person who likes more of the reasons behind, this book is the best place to start. If you’re the kind of person who simply wants to dive in, I’d recommend the workbook instead.

Intuitive Eating Self-Guided

The Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resche (the creators of the Intuitive Eating Framework) is a fabulous resource if you wish to explore Intuitive Eating on your own. It includes everything you need to explore the framework including the basic theory behind each principle as well as fabulous exercises and questions to help you explore each of them. 

Intuitive Eating Self-Paced (virtual) Course

Intuitive Eating Course

In my Intuitive Eating Self-Paced (virtual) course, I walk you through all 10 Intuitive Eating principles in short, bite-sized videos. There are 4-6 videos per principle (each video is 5-15-minutes long).

In each module, I also include principle-specific strategies to implement and additional resources to explore based on my own personal and professional experience with this approach. Plus there are worksheets, handouts, journals, and audio meditations to help you integrate! 

You can learn more here.