Seasonal Meal Planning Ideas

Do you get stuck in meal planning ruts? Find a meal the family likes, eat it more frequently, then tire of it and don’t have it for a while…and forget about it? Yup! Me too. That’s why I created these seasonal meal idea lists. One for Spring/Summer (cooler meals) and one for Fall/Winter (warmer meals). Each week when I sit down to meal plan I reference these lists for some on-the-spot inspiration of meals I know my family likes (or at least did in the past). Hope they help you as much as they help me!

Note: obviously there is no such thing as spring/summer or fall/winter, but I tend towards grilling/ cool meals/ salads in the hotter months and warm meals in the winter. So hence the differentiation. Bowls and Tacos tend to overlap for us.

Spring/Summer Meal ideas:

Bowl Style Meals:

Burger based Meals:

Salad based Meals (solo or with grilled meat/ fish):

Tacos Style Meals:

Other (not sure how to categorize them) Meals:

Fall/ Winter meals

Bowl Meals:

Soups, Stews, Curries & Chilis:

Meat/ Fish & Potato/Rice Meals:

Pasta Meals:

Casserole-style meals:

Tacos/ Enchiladas:

Other (not sure how to categorize them) Meals: