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The Elephant in the Gym

Your Body Positive Guide to Writing Your Own Health and Fitness Story

We are surrounded by messages that tell us we aren’t enough. Fit enough. Thin enough. Good enough. ENOUGH! It’s time to unleash the Elephant and define health and fitness – on your terms!

The Elephant in the Gym is not just another fitness or diet book. It’s a body positive guide to help you navigate the creation of your very own unique practice of a healthy lifestyle (one you’ll love living!). We begin by shining a light on the Elephant in the Gym so we can truly understand what is holding so many of us back! Then we explore how you can unleash that Elephant and feel free to write our own health and fitness story. I provide you with the information you really need to know to design your own unique approach – and the tools, strategies and health hacks to bring that approach to your real life (in ways that actually work!).

No extremes. No dieting. No quick fixes or fads. 

I want to inspire you. I want to empower you and I want to help you bring your vision of health and fitness to life! Are you ready to unleash the Elephant?

Why I wrote this book:

I often say I felt called to write this book. I am so passionate about helping people find their own way to be healthy and fit. The fitness and diet industries have really done a number on us (yes us, me included!) – and I’m tired of it. Because we don’t have to feel this way. My coaching philosophy was informed by my own experiences and inspired by my education and professional experience – this book grew from that. I want to change the industry… but more importantly, I want to help individuals bring kindness and compassion to their pursuit of health and fitness!

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