Introducing the Super You Studio

Imagine a completely online health and fitness studio. Where the community was bound by one common goal:
Rock your health and fitness – your way.

With carefully curated information you can trust, real-life tools, and tried and tested strategies that will help you bring your unique vision of health and fitness to life – your way! No more flash in the pan jumps on and off the “fitness wagon.” Create a sustainable healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy supported by a coach who genuinely gets the struggle in a rock-solid community of women just like you.

You belong in the the Super You Studio.

Transform your health + fitness for good.








It’s not you, it’s me.

The traditional approach the health and fitness industry uses works great… for about 20% of the population. As an industry, we’ve been doing an AWESOME job serving that 20%. But we’ve been failing the majority of the population. 

If you’re in that other 80% it may well have left you feeling like you’re the problem.
But you’re not. We weren’t approaching it right – for you.
Until now.

The Good News!

There is another way. It’s approach to Health and Fitness that is grounded in science (you can trust) and wrapped in self-compassion (that feels great). It’s a body positive approach to viewing your health not as a black and white check list, but as a living and breathing practice.

I want to help you discover and develop health and fitness habits that really work for you – no guilt, no shame and no shitty should’s. Just you rocking your health and fitness – your way. 

Sound awesome?

If you’re as excited as I am this is your invitation to be a Super You Studio VIP! Not only will you hear all juicy details about the studio first, you’ll get early access to become a founding member (with a special exclusive offer just for my VIP’s).

What’s in the Studio

The Super You Studio has 3 distinct modules. Each module is designed and curated to give you the information and tools you need to bring your vision of health and fitness to life – your way (on your schedule)!

  • CLARITY (seif-directed video coaching): Through short videos and my proprietary coaching process you’ll not only feel confident about the steps you need to take, you’ll find joy in the journey! This living resource will support you if you’re just getting started or any time you need a “reboot.”
  • LEARN (health + fitness masterclasses): Each Health + Fitness Masterclass is designed to help you find the approach that is right for you.  Practical, science-backed information and tips in thoughtfully curated into engaging Masterclasses. Pick and choose the content you need to rock your healthy lifestyle – your way!
  • MOVE (fitness + yoga library): Having a healthy lifestyle is about finding ways to move that not only work for your body, but also your life! The library includes professionally filmed follow-along fitness and yoga videos as well as practical step-by-step resource downloads to support your active healthy life. It’s fitness that fits you!

The StudioCrew Difference – Community with Compassion!

This unique women’s only community is grounded in the principles of body positivity and belonging to yourself first. It’s belonging, without the BS (i.e. no competition or comparison), just genuine and authentic support to rock your lifestyle your way!

This community will be hosted on Facebook and will include:
  • Access to me as your resource and coach – ask any question at any time!

  • Regular posts from me to help you stay connected to your practice of a healthy lifestyle and having fun doing it! This will include: live videos, recipes, health hacks, helpful tips, fun challenges and more!

  • Monthly Facebook Zoom Meet ups to answer your burning questions, have the opportunity to receive LIVE coaching and connect as a community in a virtual party! (these videos will be saved if you can’t make our live meet up time!)

This is not another program!

Fitness and Nutrition plans and programs are a dime a dozen. You’ve more than likely tried a few. This is is different.

I don’t want to give you a fish – I want to teach you to fish.

Through the Clarity Coaching Module and Health + Fitness Masterclasses I provide you with the guidance, information, tools and strategies you need to develop an approach to health and fitness that works with your real life! In the coaching module I’ll be your guide as you explore what health really means to you. I’ll take you step by step through my proprietary coaching process so you can develop a healthy lifestyle you love (one you can actually stick with)! In the Masterclasses we’ll cut through the fads and falsehoods straight to the information you need. Plus I’ll arm you with science backed, tried and tested resources so you can cut through the noise and get back to living!

Resources like…
  • Food Fad Filter: 10 questions you need to ask before you embark on ANY nutrition approach
  • Super You Health Tracker: track your health without falling “off track”
  • Walk For Health Guide: develop a walking plan that suits you!
  • Mindful Eating Cheat Sheet: Learn how to stop counting calories and start tuning in
  • Run for Fitness: progress from walking to running and feel fantastic
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: relax from head to toe with this audio recording
  • 6 professionally filmed fitness + yoga follow along videos: fitness that fits you!
  • And so much more! (including NEW videos and resources every single season)

Opening April 1st. Body Positive Health + Fitness Re-imagined.

Be a Super You Studio VIP

Want to be the first to know when registration opens? Become a Super You Studio VIP and get early access to become a founding member (with a special exclusive offer just for my VIP’s).