Do you want to empower your kids to have a healthy relationship with food and their body?

Of course you do (um, hello #parentinggoals). And yet…it’s hard!

We live in a culture that perpetuates a very narrow, aesthetically driven notion of what health “looks like.” This unrealistic ideal informs our beliefs about health, nutrition and exercise and taints our relationship with food, fitness and our bodies.

But it doesn’t have to! There is another way. And we want to show you how.

Join me, Gillian Goerzen, Body Positive Health + Fitness Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and HAES informed Registered Dietitian Jenn Messina for a 6-session Coaching Course that will give you the strategies, tools and tactics you can use to empower your kids to eat intuitively, become a life-long mover and develop a healthy relationship with their body.

This course is for you if…

  • you’re struggling with picky eaters who only want ALL the treats (and none of the veggies)
  • your kids don’t want to move (either because they “don’t like” it or feel self-conscious about it
  • you’re worried about your child’s bigger body and don’t know how to encourage a healthy lifestyle

 Imagine your child growing up feeling confident in the skin they’re in. Living a healthy lifestyle and genuinely loving it. Imagine they never (ever) diet. Period.

It’s possible. And it starts by building your body positive parenting toolkit. 

In this 6-session course/ coaching experience we will address the following big ideas:

  • Addressing the biases and ideals that are informing your own view of health, nutrition and fitness.
  • Building your child’s resilience against media messages
  • Creating a diet-free home
  • Strengthening your child’s connection to eating intuitively
  • Bringing joy back to the practice of movement and exercise
  • Encouraging your kids to be daily movers (for life)

You’ll not only have weekly Zoom lessons with Gillian + Jenn, you’ll also have access to their expertise and wealth of experience through a private Facebook Group.

We’ve taken the big struggles we hear from our clients and packaged them all into a value-packed 6-week coaching experience. Each week you’ll have take-away PDF files with tools, tips, strategies and more.

Dates + Details: 

  • Thursday February 11 – March 11: Weekly sessions from 7-8:30pm (via Zoom) 
  • Thursday April 8: One month follow up and LIVE coaching from 7-8:30pm (via Zoom) 

What if I can’t attend LIVE?! 

Ideally we like participants to attend live – this results in the best outcomes and engagement in the course (and hello, accountability). However, we also recognize that #reallife happens, so all calls are recorded so you can catch up before the next call if you really can’t attend live one week. Between sessions you also have access to both Jenn and I in our private facebook group for questions and support.


NEW this round!

We’ve made a few changes this round to better serve you!

  1. Longer Sessions to deep dive. Weekly sessions are longer to better field your questions and dialogue.
  2. Extended Access for Support and Accountability. We extended the the course and moved the final call one month out so we can circle back and address your “in the trenches” questions. This also provides accountability (because we’re mom’s too and we get how it goes – you take a course then…LIFE and you don’t put it into play). We want you to take what you’re learning and bring it to practice.
  3. More time for these BIG topics. Intuitive Eating for Kids as well as more Nutrition focus (because lets be honest, feeding kids…can feel like mission impossible some days).
  4. Ongoing Support. We’ve added an ongoing Facebook Group! Not only do you have access to us for the duration of the course (10 weeks), you’ll be added to our Body Positive Parenting GRADS Group. So as you continue to bring these ideas, strategies and tools into practice in your real life, you have a community and us as experts at your fingertips to help you navigate!  


$349* includes access to everything listed above. 

*To get earlybird pricing of $299 ($50 off) use the code EARLYBIRD1 at checkout! Available through to Friday Feb 5th. 

Registration is OPEN!

*Space is limited in this course. We only have capacity for 30 parents per round. 


What past participants had to say…

Creating a positive culture around food and movement in our household is really important to us. Gillian and Jenn helped to lay out thought processes and strategies to help us achieve this. The balance between theory and time to ask our own questions for coaching was extremely valuable. Their openness and no-judgement approach to conversations helped us to feel supported in this jouney. Thanks Jenn and Gill!


This was an excellent course, I feel like I have really built on my beginner’s understanding of HAES and intuitive eating (from Superyou), and can now start modelling and sharing this with my kids to hopefully break the cycle of bodyshame and unnatural eating habits and exercise as punishment for eating instead of movement for joy!


It was a great experience! I loved being able to hear other people’s experiences as they had children who are older than mine. It has helped me to feel much more prepared for the next phase of parenting when my children are no longer babies/toddlers. I think beginning lots of the strategies (hunger meter, offering all foods and letting them choose the amount/type) at a young age has been helpful.


Your Body Positive Parenting Coaches

Meet Gillian

Gillian is a Registered Personal Trainer and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor with a passion for helping people of all ages have a healthy relationship with food, fitness and their bodies! She’s also a mom of two healthy boys (aged 9 + 12) and completely understands “the struggle!” It’s real y’all. She’s really excited about helping other parents model and encourage a kinder, gentler more intuitive approach to food + fitness that helps end the cycle of dieting, fitness fads and body hatred for good!


Gillian Goerzen

Meet Jenn

Jenn is an experienced Registered Dietitian with a HAES® informed approach. Her flexible and non-judgemental counselling approach empowers her clients to ditch dieting, bring the joy back into eating and feel their best. She is also a momma of 2 young kiddos and also “gets it!” When it comes to feeding kids, Jenn understands the challenges and has strategies, ideas and tips to help you navigate mealtimes like a boss and help you bring peace back to the table and encourage healthy, happy kids.


We love them! You can email gillian directly at gillian@superyou.ca or Jenn directly at jenn@jennmessina.com.