Courses to help you develop self-compassion and heal your relationship with food & fitness.

I believe that in order to get the most out of our human experience we need to remain curious & open to new ideas. Which is why I’m ever a student and always inspired to learn. I’m constantly seeking out new & inspiring information so that I can continue to grow both individually and as a coach. I personally learn through courses, counseling, reading and podcasts.

One of the other ways I think I can best grow as a coach is to create collaborative partnerships with other like minded professionals. My relationship with Kathy Kutzer is one such relationship. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor she brings a tremendous amount to the table. She adds incredible value & insight and I’m absolutely thrilled to have partnered with her on this growing segment of my coaching practice.

Currently there are two courses we have designed together to help you explore your relationship with food & fitness through group dialogue and personal inquiry. We invite you to enter the Process.

In Shift the Process we explore the ideas of what we’re up against as a society & individuals, how your experiences & beliefs have shaped your journey thus far and how you might shift that journey to one that is more compassionate, kind & empowered.

In Deepen the Process we take a more expansive look at the preferred self and how it is shaped by our experience, both past, present & future. You will explore the relationship you have with your body and it’s purpose in such a way that you will develop a new level of appreciation, love & respect for what it brings to your life.

We invite you to join us.