Group Coaching

One of the major limitations I have as a Personal Trainer and Coach is that there is only one of me! And unfortunately this means I cannot help as many people as I’d like to. Which is why I love coaching groups!

I truly believe that we are a reflection of the handful of people we spend the most time with. So whether we like it or not, the company we keep has a dramatic impact on our attitudes, beliefs & the choices we make. I love the way a group can inspire one another & provide amazing peer support to maintain motivation, to celebrate your successes and also trouble shoot during those times when it doesn’t feel like it’s going quite so awesome. Group programs have been around for as long as the fitness industry – because there is something powerful about community. But in this busy day and age live groups & classes aren’t always possible for everyone’s hectic schedules. But thanks to developments in technology and social media we now have new tools at our fingertips! Enter Virtual Groups & community!

What if your virtual community lifted you up?

What if your news feed inspired you? What if the people in your virtual community made you believe that you were capable of anything? What if they inspired you & supported you to be your very best self? Do you think that would be a game changer?

I know it is. That’s exactly why I offer Virtual Group Coaching.

How does “Virtual Group Coaching” Work?

In Virtual Group Coaching you become part of a private Facebook community for people on the same journey as you. People looking to improve their fitness & nutrition from a place of body love & kindness. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level and smash a big goal the community is there for you!

Here’s the difference.

Most virtual group based programs have everybody in the community following a specific program. And that’s great…for a majority of the people. But not for everybody. I often hear people say they feel like a round peg in a square hole. And that breaks my heart! Because you deserve a round hole that matches you beautifully!

Because we’re all at different stages in our journey & we all have our own unique interests, abilities and goals I use a unique tool that allows everybody to honour their own unique journey and caters to their passions. Every person in the community may be following a different fitness program – but what grounds the community is the same purpose: to live our very best life & feel our best doing it!

Learn more about this amazing tool here.

The other BIG difference?

There is no start or end date to this community. When you join us you have a lifetime membership (say what?!)! Yup. As long as you keep working away at your healthy lifestyle and doing your best with the tools – you’re one of our Crew and we’re going to continue to virtual high five you with all the likes, loves & haha emoji’s you can take!

Are you ready?

To be supported, to have an ongoing community that helps you live your best life? Um yeah! Let’s connect and help you find the best group to suit your needs & goals! Email me to set up a time to chat!