Here’s what some past participants had to say:

Learn to Run is a great way to either get back in to running or if you are just starting. The Run Crew are amazing, funny, friendly, welcoming, supportive, encouraging and best of all, work well as a team of 3! if you are hesitant, don’t take another thought, just do it, you too will be super proud of yourself for going outside your comfort zone, being held accountable, being active and meeting some truly amazing people! 🙂


I loved this clinic and would recommend it to anyone. It was a really supportive environment to get my first 10k under my belt. I didn’t think I was a runner, but I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. I really appreciated Gillian’s enthusiasm and sincerity – she does a great job of encouraging participants to achieve the clinic goal (despite their doubts!) and keep running.


Gillian is not about image, she’s about results, inside and out. During the past 20 years of my high and lows when it comes to fitness, Gillian is the first fitness guru to provide me the tool I can use to be a more healthier, happy me who is comfortable in my mind, body and soul. There is no magical meal replacement drink, 12-week fitness boot camps that aren’t maintainable long term, or fitness goals based on weight loss-WHAT?!!! After weight struggles for 35 years my scale is gone. My happiness is no longer measure by a number on the scale. Gillian helped me find the true meaning of ‘healthy lifestyle,’ which includes easy, maintainable, healthier every day choices for both nutrition and fitness and even better – a sense of community with other women that helps with accountability, but more importantly friendships that will last a lifetime.


I’m so glad I began running with Gillian! I had been an athlete my whole life, but after having kids, I lost focus on being active and healthy. Gillian is so enthusiastic and full of encouragement that it makes running fun! I can’t thank her enough for sharing her passion for running with me and so many others.


I loved this running clinic! Gillian is very knowledgeable, upbeat and encouraging to all. She was able to challenge people and yet keep an inclusive group on the group runs. The Facebook page was inspiring and encouraging!


Super You 5km run clinic made me go from a doubter to running a 5 km! Gillian provides amazing support and makes you feel like you can do anything!


Gillian is extremely encouraging and supportive every step of the way. She has always taken the time to know every individual in her clinic. The thing I love is she takes time to make sure you are comfortable from week to week and that you are okay with advancing in the program. I would & have highly recommended this program to the loved ones in my life. I can’t wait for the next one!

Jen & Richard

I just wanted to send you a little note of thanks and appreciation! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement through this training. Your guidance and understanding through my shift to “do what you love” meant more than you can ever know. I lived that mantra today and surpassed my expectations with a 1:11 finish time today. The work that you do is so important, and this community that you have created is unbelievable. Even though I was quiet and kept to myself during clinic the inclusion and support I felt today was unbelievable. Thank you for being real and nonjudgmental. You are a true gem and the work you do does not go unnoticed! #badasscoach


Gillian has pulled me off the couch! I have been running for almost 12 yrs now and I owe it all to Gillian, she has made me a hill junkie ( not sure if that is a good thing) we were taught to “love hills”. I can still remember the first race I ever did and the intoxicating feeling when crossing the finish line, and who was there to cheer me in? Gillian cheered each and every one of us across the finish line making our first race experience memorable. This year she teamed up with Kate, someone to keep the rowdy group in line, every time I felt like backing off and slowing down I would hear Kate from somewhere good job keep pushing. Kate was everywhere on clinic nights there was now backing down or easing up, she seemed to know when you needed a boost. We are planning on running the Dopey challenge in Jan 17 and are hoping that Gillian and Kate will get us ready for the task.