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A completely ONLINE health and fitness studio. Where the community was bound by one common goal:

Rock your health and fitness – your way.


With carefully curated information you can trust, real-life tools, and tried and tested strategies that will help you bring your unique vision of health and fitness to life – your way! No more flash in the pan jumps on and off the “fitness wagon.” Create a sustainable healthy lifestyle you actually enjoy supported by a coach who genuinely gets the struggle in a rock-solid community of women just like you.

You belong in the the Super You Studio.

Why the Super You Studio?

Since writing my book The Elephant in the Gym, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with women all over the world. Women are reaching out looking for support to bring the ideas within the book to life. As I wrote the book the concept of the Studio started to come together, but through these conversations it crystallized.

This is what is clear to me: Now more than ever women are seeking genuine support, practical solutions and strategies that will work for their real life – long term. No more jumping on and off that darn fitness wagon with diets, fitness fads and quick fixes!

The Super You Studio is a place where you belong to yourself first. It’s about honouring your unique interests, needs and priorities and finding an approach to health and fitness that works for your real life! Not for 12-weeks or 6 months – but for life! Information grounded in the science of health and fitness, rooted in a body positive philosophy and supported with coaching and a community where you genuinely feel like you belong.

How can I participate?

Lots of ways – you can jump in for a single Course or become a member to get access to our awesome StudioCrew community and my support as your coach. It all comes down to what will serve YOU best!

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Want to be INSPIRED by your health + fitness?

The Super You Studio is about helping you make that happen!

You deserve to feel confident and inspired by your approach to health and fitness.

From the creation of a new healthy lifestyle to smashing fitness goals the Studio has the tools and resources you need to bring your unique vision of health and fitness to life!

Join us for stand-alone courses to support you or become a StudioCrew member for full access to all the content!


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