I modified the recipe from chocolate covered Katie. I added cacao nibs for added fibre and chocolate crunch! I love/ hate keeping these in my freezer. I love that I can read the ingredient list and that they satisfy my sweet tooth. But they’re just a bit TOO delicious. You’ve been warned.

3C pitted dates*
2C almonds
1C pecans
1/2C Cocoa
1/4C cacao nibs
1/2C unsweetened coconut
2t vanilla

Put the nuts in the food processor first until the nuts are chopped finely,add in the rest of the ingredients until it forms a rolling ball in the food processor. Roll into balls and freeze! I LOVE them frozen.

*make sure they’re fresh dates. If they seem too dried out when you pit them (they should be quite gooey), then soak them in a bit of warm water (say 1/4C poured over top). Let them sit for an hour or so before you make them. They should plump up nicely (drain the excess and keep it). If your mixture doesn’t “ball up” in the food processor you can add back some of the date water to make more of a paste.