Did you know that the research indicates that the majority of adults should be aiming for 7-9 hours per 24 hour period?! Yeah – and I know most of y’all aren’t getting it! If you’re not…have a read. Hopefully I can convince you to make sleep a priority (even if it means you don’t get an early morning sweat sash…SHOCKING I know!)
I love a good early morning sweat sash…but if it means you’re scrimping on sleep you MAY want to give it a re-think and your schedule a re-work. I know we’re all working with a limited quota of hours…so we gotta do what we gotta do…BUT…putting yourself into sleep deprivation is not only unhelpful to your energy – it’s counter productive to health!
Lack of sleep can contribute to a whole host of issues including but not limited to increased incidence of:
  • Depression
  • Injuries
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease
It is also correlated with an inability to maintain a healthy weight (yup, you read that correctly). Now you know I’m not weight focused – but maintenance of a healthy body composition for YOU is important for health. And lack of sleep wreaks hormonal havoc on your capability to do so. If you want the geeky science on it…ask. I’d love to geek out with you!
How do you make getting that 7-9 hours a priority?
  1. Start where you are. Take an honest look at how much you’re getting. Then start bumping it up by 15 minute increments by going to bed 15 minutes earlier. Yup, you may have to turn the Netflix off (believe me, I KNOW how hard that is!).
  2. Set a GO TO BED alarm – and ABIDE by it.
  3. Have a sleep routine. Whether it’s a calming cup of camomile or a meditation or breathing exercise, set yourself up for success in the wind down. aka don’t watch a heart pumping thriller right before bed and expect a soothing slip into slumber!
  4. Have a cool, dark room (ok, I know that’s easier said than done if it’s warm out, but do your best)!
  5. Make it a priority. Sleep isn’t a “nice to have” it’s a need to have. Don’t reinforce the cultural norm that lack of sleep is a badge of honour. It’s not. Be part of the change – encourage people to honour and respect time for sleep. Be a role model to your friends and your family for rest!
Want to geek out more? I have a WHOLE chapter devoted to sleep in my book (releasing November 1st!). And I also recommend other books to deepen your knowledge and respect for getting your ZZZ’s. If you’re super keen and want to explore get started with Ariana Huffington’s Book The Sleep Revolution.
Challenge: Set a Go to Bed Alarm (yes, right now!)
Right now, set a go to bed alarm! This is by far one of my TOP TIPS for health. It can be totally game changing!
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