You’re working hard making some changes in your health & fitness and at some point you “slip up.” You go a little “off course” and don’t make a choice in line with your goals.

OF COURSE YOU DO! You’re human! And there is nothing wrong with being human!

But here’s where I see so many people going WRONG. They FOCUS on the thing they did WRONG – instead of ALL the many things they did RIGHT. They’re watering the weeds instead of the plants!

Step 1: PULL the weeds. Right down to the roots. Let go of what went wrong as quickly as you can before it has time to really develop a root system.

Step 2: WATER the plants. Nurture what you want to remain. Support your new seedlings with encouragement & reinforcement. Give them shelter & protection from the elements (aka real life). And give them the water & nourishment they need to grow strong. And be consistent. You can’t water a plant and then ignore it for days and weeks and expect it to grow. Your healthy habits are the same. New habits form from consistent practice. Daily if you can.

Want to tool to help develop your plants? I have a new practice I’m using both personally and with my clients.

Every day at the end of the day write down 3-5 things you ROCKED – that you felt great about. Not necessarily just in your health & fitness, but your life. Write them in positive language & be PROUD of those accomplishments. You did it! (water your plants)

Want to add another layer (aka fertilize)? Choose 1 thing to focus on for the following day. One small habit to help move you towards your goals that you can use as your focus for the day.

Focusing on the positives will not only help you feel successful – and success breeds success – it gives roots to your plants & helps them grow. It will also give you a daily dose of perspective! You’re human, you’re going to make mistakes. That’s ok – learn from them. Don’t dwell on them! Pull those weeds!