The temps are heating up and this means it’s time for your friendly reminder to DRINK UP. Why? Because your body is about 60-70% water. You lose water through sweating, breathing and elimination, and if you don’t replace it quite simply your body doesn’t work as well. Your body’s systems all require water to work optimally – think about how your nutrients get delivered and waste removed? Blood and lymph (fluids…comprised of….water!)
What happens if you don’t have enough?

Your body can’t function properly. It literally SLOWS YOU DOWN.

  • Your brain gets foggy.
  • You have trouble concentrating.
  • You might get a headache.
  • Your energy dips.
  • You don’t have stamina.
The solution to prevent all this? Literally as simple as drinking up! Put DOWN the coffee, pick UP the water. Repeat. STOP…NOT TRUE!
Did you know coffee isn’t actually HORRIBLE for hydration?!
I know, BEST NEWS EVER! The bigger issue isn’t the caffeine in coffee (unless you’re super sensitive), It’s more the junk we put in the coffee that is less beneficial to our overall health than straight up water. So be mindful of what you put IN the coffee…enjoy your cup or two a day, then switch over to water. Not a water lover? No problem! 
What can I include in “hydration?”
The list is actually LONGER than just water. Here are some great sources of hydration to keep your body happy this summer!
  • herbal teas – hot or cold!
  • carbonated water
  • infused water with frozen fruits or herbs added (just be mindful of added sugars in commercial infused waters)
  • broths
  • smoothies*
  • fruit or veggie juices*
*Just keep in mind that if your hydration is all coming from liquids that have high caloric values – that drinking your energy may not be as filling as EATING them. Let me explain:If you ATE the number of apples required to make 1C of juice (3 apples)…how would you feel? Do you feel as satisfied/ full after 1C of juice?
Consider EATING the apples…you’ll get the same hydration from 3 apples, PLUS fibre (awesome). Which leads me to this reminder…
GREAT NEWS ALERT: Not all your hydration has to come from liquids.
We get a lot of our hydration needs through foods – think lush water filled veggies and fruits! Watermelon, leafy greens, celery, cucumber, cantaloupe, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, citrus fruits, peaches and nectarines. Yum. All great sources of hydration!
What about electrolyte drinks (like Gatorade)?
Unless you’re doing intense exercise in the heat beyond 60-90 minutes your body likely does NOT need extra electrolytes. You should be getting sufficient electrolytes from the foods you’re eating.
In general pre-mixed electrolyte drinks are too concentrated for optimal absorption, and are best diluted at least by 1/2. And be mindful of what you choose – if it’s a neon color think about HOW it got to be that way. If the ingredients list looks like a science experiment….you might be better off with some simple apple juice or lemonade with a pinch of sea salt. Yup. It’s that simple!
Cheers to summer arriving and CHEERS to being hydrated!