I think we need to redefine our relationship with the word FAIL. Somehow in this CRAZY world we live in it’s become a bad thing to fail. If we make a mistake, or things don’t go perfectly, then we’re somehow SUCKING at this thing called life. We’re disappointed in ourselves and others {insert guilt, shame, blame spiral} …and I think that’s BS.

Let me tell you why.

When I fail, I learn. I find my limitations. I become aware of my struggle and I gain insight into how I might improve. It gives me feedback and helps me fine-tune and course correct.

As a society we tend to celebrate and focus on the best and the brightest. On the “winners” – the success. And that’s ok too. I think it’s nice to celebrate the good stuff, the outcome. But we’ve become so focused on the elusive success we’re all chasing, we’ve lost sight of all the beauty of the process.

What if we also celebrated the process people take? The work they put in, and the effort they give time after time as they try, fail, and try again. The ethic and perseverance.

As a mom I’d way rather see my kids out on the soccer pitch giving it their ALL – even if that means they’re not the top scorer or best offensive player. Whatever they do I want them to give it everything they’ve got each and every time they play. Which means they need to see me do the same. When I head to running races my kids often ask me if I’ll win. My answer is always yes! I win because I put in the work (training) and I’m showing up to give it my best. Whatever my best is on that day is all I can ever ask of myself.

Does it always result in the outcome I desire? Nope. Sometimes I’ve done “everything right” but the time i’m aiming for just. doesn’t. happen. Or it does but it feels like HELL. #truestory But regardless of how it goes, when I cross that line I can be proud knowing I gave it my best.

Fail is not a 4-letter word. It is an opportunity.

Focus on the process. And the outcome you chase might just show up in your path.