There are a few ways this could be interpreted:
You get to decide. What your life looks like. How you define healthy & fit. How you want to show up in this world.
It also means….
It’s UP to you. No one else can do this for you. The onus is on YOU. If you’re not happy with some aspect of your life, don’t look to someone else to “fix” it. They can’t. Only you can.
I often get charged with the request to “motivate” people. I can’t. I can offer support. I can provide information and tools -the building blocks to create success. I can encourage. I can do my best to inspire you, but I cannot motivate you, only YOU can do that.
Motivation is an inside job. It comes from deciding the WORK of making the change is less uncomfortable than the discomfort of staying the same. Yup. You read that right. I often say, “choose your hard.” Because whether you’re making changes to your habits to lead a healthier life or you’re out there smashing goals – it’s going to be HARD. Remember what I said about GRIT on Monday? Yeah. It’ll take THAT. A lot of it. So find your grit. Find your inner BADASS. Embrace her. Channel her. Make choices AS her.
Old me may want to sleep in and skip my workout. Badass me? HELLSSSSS NO. She’s getting up and she’s going to SLAY that workout!
Complacent me may want to eat the chocolate that is offered…because it’s there. Badass me? Nope. I don’t even like that kind of chocolate. PASS.
2017 me may wish for things to be easy. Badass me? BRING. IT. ON.
Repeat after me: This is MY year. This is MY time to shine. I choose to make my goals and vision my priority. I am a badass.
#beabadass #besuperyou