I’ve got a few balls in the air at the moment. And they’re awesome, and exciting and I’m so seriously pumped about them all….but in all my excitement sometimes I can fail to stop and just be.
A dear friend lovingly called me on it the other day (actually two did, separately – I still think it might have been a loving ambush). Anyway, they called me on it. And reminded me that if I keep going at the pace I’m going I might crack.
They don’t want to see me crack. Neither do I.
I’d slipped into some old habits of trying to do a million things at the same time, and it doesn’t work.

So I’ve recommitted to the practices of being present that I know serve me.

  • When I’m working I’m ALL in – I’m focused and intentional with my time. But I’m also intentional about my time off. When I’m “off” – my phone goes away and I’m present with whoever I’m with (even if that’s me!).
  • When I’m eating meals (alone or with family), I’m simply eating. Not multitasking. Connection, conversation and the practice of mindful eating.
  • When I’m asked to do something – I will take a moment to ground and centre and really ask if this is an all in yes. If it’s not….it’s a NO (Credit for that awesome nugget goes to Greg McKeown in his book Essentialism – add it to your list!).
  • When I’m with others – I will be WITH them. Not thinking of what’s next, what I need to do, or anything other than being with THEM.
  • When I transition from one task to the next I will take 3 breaths: 1 breath to let go of the previous task, 1 breath to ground and centre, 1 breath to set the intention for the next task.
  • When my phone alarms to drink, eat, breathe and move go off – I won’t ignore them.
  • I’ll be kind to myself. The go-go-go of the last few months has pulled me away from some of these habits. I won’t be hard on myself for it. Now is an opportunity to simply move forward and begin again. #selfcompassion
What are your practices that help you stay grounded in the present moment?  I’d love to hear from you! Email me!