I can’t start this week, maybe once the kids are back at school/ summer is over/ life settles down/ this project is over/ it’s not so hot/ it’s not so cold…..(read: NEVER).

Here’s the thing. There is NEVER a good time to start something new. There is always going to be that difficult phase where it seems a little impossible and you just don’t quite know how you’ll make it so…but somehow, when you really want it – you do.

STOP – check your guilt at the door.

I’m not saying this in a Maria Kang “what’s your excuse” shame-filled kind of way (by now you should know that’s not how I roll). But I am saying that if you want something you’ll find a way to make it so. And we need to re-frame what “making it so” looks like. Because somewhere along the line we got a bit confused about how “fitness” needs to look. That in order to be “healthy” one should steam broccoli, eliminate all sugar and hit they gym daily. But what if THAT is the problem? The way we define healthy. What if that’s what’s tripping us up?

What if instead of nothing – we did something. Do you think that would help?

  • If you can’t get out for a walk – do you think it benefits you to climb your stairs 3x?
  • If you can’t cook a healthy dinner 5x per week – do you think it benefits you to cook 2-3 healthy meals?
  • If you can’t get 8 hours sleep 7 nights per week – do you think it benefits you to get 7 hours 5 nights per week?

YES! Right?

Whatever happened to grace? Giving yourself some space to learn. Start with something – and lean in slowly. Because if the name of the game is health – than something is always better than nothing. Truly.

  • A 5 minute walk every day adds up to 35 minutes per week.
  • One serving of veggies at lunch and dinner each day adds up to 14 servings per week.
  • Swapping 1 cup of coffee for 1 cup of water adds up to 7 cups of water you weren’t previously having in just one week.

Are these dramatic shifts? No – but over time their impact on your health add up! With consistency – it is the “small things” that truly make a lasting impact.

There will always be a million and one reasons why not. So instead of allowing all those to fill your brain with noise – look to the reason WHY and do something. Take ONE step. Grab fruit instead of a pastry. Hit the hay instead of letting Netflix auto-play the next episode. One step can make a difference – because ONE step takes you one step closer to your unique definition of health – to Be SuperYou