I know right now isn’t a particularly “joyful” time for a lot of people. I feel it too. This is tough.

And, here’s what I know, right now in order for me to MOVE it’s all about the JOY. And when I find the joy, I’m more inspired to move. And when I’m inspired to move more, I feel more joy. It’s a beautiful cyclical relationship.

So if you’re struggling to move (your body or your mood), bring your focus to amping up the JOY in your activities. And notice what shifts.How can you bring the joy to your movement?

Here are 8 ideas to inspire you to bring the joy and get moving!

  1. Music. Find a playlist that moves you (literally). Feel free to search me on Spotify too (user: gilliangoerzen). I’ve got playlists for yoga, fitness and running.
  2. Walk together, but apart. Set a “walking date” with a friend and walk and talk (on the phone). Almost as good as walking together!
  3. Challenge yoself. Have a friendly challenge with friends or family members to move. This might be a daily steps or movement minutes goal. Keep it simple and all about JOY!
  4. Inspire your ears. Listen to an audiobook while you move! I just finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It was so good. I love good non-fiction especially memoir style self-development. I love hearing people’s stories and how they inspire deeper introspection and thought. Other people love fiction while they exercise – because it inspires them to keep moving as they want to know more. Whatever you “can’t put down” – listen to that. And set a guideline that you can’t listen to it unless you’re moving. Set that specific book aside for only your activity time. I know…tricky!
  5. Wear bright colours. Specifically, wear orange. What? According to the science… orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an energizing effect, and stimulates brain activity. Yup, I’d say that’s advantageous when you want to be energized and focused to move! Want to know more about colours and their effects your psychology? Check out this blog from one of my faves Vanessa Van Edwards.
  6. Find NEW spaces that inspire you. Walk or run in a new to you neighbourhood. Do the stairs at a different location. A change of scenery can go a long way to inspiring your brain (and finding your mojo is 100% about inspiring your brain)!
  7. Do it LIVE! Do a livestream fitness class and sync your movements. What? This is a real thing. It’s called a “cooperation high” and it essentially found that when people move together there is increased JOY! Psst. Join me LIVE on MWF. Bonus: my witty antics and side-bar stories are kind of epic (or so I’m told). JK. But seriously. Join us. First class is free (so really, you have nothing to lose, and much to gain…aka JOY!).
  8. Go green. Get outside. I know I’ve talked about this before…but it’s legit. Getting outside in nature amps up the joy factor – big time. There’s research to prove it. One study I read found that moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood (Barton and Pretty, 2010). I’ll take that. Test these findings for yourself!

Whatever you do to inspire you to move, get at it. Because once you’re moving, that too will boost your mood and enhance your resilience.

As this excellent article from Harvard Health put it: “Your mind and body are intimately connected. And while your brain is the master control system for your body’s movement, the way you move can also affect the way you think and feel.”