I get asked this question a lot. And the answer is actually simple.

Sure I could get into the complexities of how working out first thing fires your metabolism (and this is a benefit for some people). But if you’re not a morning person then it won’t be ideal for you. Because you won’t put your best effort in. Mornings also may not be ideal of if you have small kids who wake you in the night. Sleep is essential to getting results when it comes to fitness.

….wait a second…I thought she said the answer was simple.

It is.

The BEST time to work out is whenever YOU will actually do it (aka the excuses won’t win) and you have your BEST energy of the day (aka this depends on YOU!).

So spend some time looking at your schedule (realistically). Try working out at different periods of the day. Notice how you feel in the morning, mid-day and evening. Notice if it was easier/ harder to get it done (energetically OR logistically) & then map out a schedule (in your LIFE schedule – paper or virtual) and then go out there and make it happen