I know summer can be tricky. Schedules go sideways and sometimes it seems impossible to sneak anything for yourself and workouts slip away. BUT, if you plan for your summer NOW I bet you can find just 5 30-minute windows of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic exercise per week. Why 5 x 30-minutes? That has you achieve a weekly cumulative total of 150 minutes and meet the Canadian Guidelines to achieve health benefit. Sounds pretty simple right?!

What would count as 30-minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise?

  • brisk walking
  • cardio dance based fitness
  • cycling or spinning
  • flow style yoga
  • swimming
  • circuit style or cardio bootcamp workout
  • video based cardio fitness (such as the workouts available on Beachbody On Demand)

What if I do hour long workouts?

The research points to a cumulative amount of exercise of 150minutes completed in 10-minute bouts. So sneak it in any way you can. You could walk on your lunch break for 20 minutes M-F and then do a 50 minute fitness class or bike ride on Saturday morning and still acheive the same health benefit.

What about strength training?

The guide also recommends incorporating 2 muscle and bone strengthening workouts per week. That could be as simple as doing my “Anytime Anywhere Workout” 2x per week. Click here for the free download.

 For more on these guidelines and to learn more about the guidelines for children & older adults check out this handy guide.

Need some support?

Just ask! I’d love to work with you to help you map out a physical activity plan that leaves you feeling healthy, vibrant & inspired!