You are incredibly unique. There is no one else out there with exactly your genetics, interests, commitments & preferences. Cool right?! But here’s the catch! No one specific “plan” is going to work for you the same way it works for your neighbour, friend, sister or stranger on the internet. But yet we often think it “should” right?! It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of fancy before & afters, bold promises & splashy marketing. But here’s the thing I’ve learned after 18 years in the fitness industry. There are LOT’S of effective strategies to achieve optimal health & fitness. And the strategy that works best for you is going to weigh on a combination of factors including:

  • Your priorities. This isn’t to judge or make you feel like you’re doing it wrong – far from it. It’s about having a healthy understanding that your health & fitness may not be your sole priority. You have a multitude of commitments & priorities – and your health & fitness is just one of them. And it may or may not be on the top of the list. And that’s ok! We all have areas of our life that take precedence. So it’s about finding a plan that works with yours!
  • Your goals. The right plan for you will take into account your unique goals. If you’re looking to achieve general health benefits you may choose to go for a daily walk or use a steps tracker. If you’re looking to improve your fitness so you can climb a mountain – well, that’s going to involve a different strategy. Perhaps you’re keen to increase your athletic performance in your 10k run OR you really want to be able to complete 20 push ups from your toes – many,  many different goals = many, many different strategies.
  • Your JOY! If you hate going to the gym – don’t. If you have 2 left feet and dislike dance fitness – skip Zumba (it’s ok – dance isn’t for everyone). Do things that bring you JOY. Take into consideration your priorities & your goals and then find something that you LOVE. Like, really LOVE! Because this life is meant to be ENJOYED!

Finding YOUR own unique healthy lifestyle may take time. Be patient. It’s a practice. Keep being curious & keep working on it. And remember that it’s not going to be static. What works for you now or in 1 month may not be what works for you in 1 year or 10. Continue on the path. Keep your eyes in your own lane. Ditch the comparison and embrace your healthy lifestyle!